It's Monday Evening No??

How’s everyone holding up, cabin fever starting to set in for those of you working from home?

Restaurants/bars and what not closing here after 8PM today so I’ll be stocking up on booze in the event of the impending apocalypse.

What’s your evenings looking like? Be good my good people.

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Genuine question ssped for stupidity/anxiety

do you think if you imbibe enough alcohol to lightly pickle yourself it has the same effect as alcohol hand sanitiser?


Had quite a nice day, had my final social engagement for the time being. Met my friend in Weston Super Mare and had a lovely long walk down the beach. First time I’ve been to the sea in years and I really missed it. Tempted to go back again this week and have another walk alone as found it quite easy to keep a good distance from other people.

Tonight… some Football Manager I reckon.


I would have to go with no here, but I’m no doctor mind you.

Been wfh all day, except for taking a couple of walks. Bought coffee from our local coffee shop instead of making it and got food delivered at lunchtime, will try to keep doin that if I can afford it this week to help out the local restaurants. (not gonna last though!)

Cabin fever likely to hit hard tomorrow I think!

Nah, you couldn’t get your blood to 60% abv without doing yourself a very serious mischief


Hold my beer


Only if you snort it

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Think you might need that, chief

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Sadly no :frowning: Unless you’re drinking something like absinthe

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Feeling really weird about the announcement. Just wanna curl up in a ball really

What announcement was that if you dont mind me asking?

I’ve just installed Netflix Party and am ready for online movie nights with friends, as we sit isolated in our respective homes! Yes!

Also I’m about to go outside for the first time since Friday. Have work tomorrow and Weds as well, but urgently need to go outside now even if just to pop to the shops for five minutes.

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prime minister just went on TV to tell everyone to stop doing stuff

wfh if you can etc

WFH was terrible today, hard to focus and that. Went out for final provisions for a few days and came back with not a whole lot but we should be ok for a week or so I hope. P scared

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My anxiety levels have gone through the roof today - and not just for family and health related reasons. I’m now expecting that my business is going to take an absolute battering in coming weeks/months, when my wife is already out of work. Hopefully I can sustain enough custom to get through.

Time to open a beer.


I’m absolutely shattered. Enjoying how no-one in work knows what’s going on. Going to drink a few cans tomorrow afternoon in a group video chat with my mates for St. Patrick’s Day.

Going through hourly cycles of am I sick? No. BUT!!! Probably still not. No definitely sick. Hmm doubt it.


Mrs W had to pop out to pick our youngest up from Brownies.

On the way back she picked me up a present - a bottle of Highland Park 12.

Maybe things ain’t so bad.