It's Monday, folks

Morning. Am not feeling that great. Back on the train to Cambridge and did a quick count walking through the carriages: 15 people wearing masks and 10 people not wearing masks. We’re fucked when the schools and colleges go back in the autumn.

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Description plz

Morning kids

Coffee, vanilla yoghurt and lots of Ennio Morricone is how I’m starting the day. Sad news, but 91 was a good innings for him, eh?

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Just had my haircut. My barbers had a booking system so there was no queue. Nicely spaced out and they were wearing masks and visors.

I’d quite liked my hair being a bit longer and told them to keep a bit of length and tidy up.

This is what I got

It’s OK but not really what I asked for.


Classic barber behaviour there


they just love cutting that hair.


Baa baa baa


I went to B&Q yesterday, it was rammed and I only saw one other person in a mask and another woman with a scarf over her face who wasn’t observing social distancing. We’ll be fucked before September I reckon.

I think all we can do now is make every effort to look after ourselves and our loved ones because the authorities aren’t going to do jack. I guess we’re all libertarians now or something.


Morning pniks et al

My back hurts a little, this bed is slightly too soft for my liking. But I am having coffee in bed as we speak because my first riding tour today starts at 2pm so still have plenty of time :relaxed::relaxed:

Looks like it might not even rain today, inshallah

Yeah we walked through town yesterday and it was the same. Felt nostalgic for the days of early lockdown where we could take a shortcut through the empty streets on our daily walk

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You think they’d try keep it longer so yer back sooner

this is basically how i spend my weekends:

(was gonna post this in GTPOSTII but didn’t )



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you have now subscribed to 3 Mondays per week, welcome to the team!


just spoke to someone about their pub reopening over the weekend. went ok except one table walked out because they wanted shots and the (very much a country) pub didn’t do them. ffs.

I’ve done this at least 3 times over the weekend.

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@Gnometorious remind you of anyone? :face_with_monocle:


The cups thing has to be the most infuriating thing Americans have ever done