It's Monday, I think

I’m off to work today. Anyone else in? Hoping to be allowed out early :crossed_fingers:

Absolutely fuck all to report other than my Christmas was fine.


“”“working”“” from home today. Going to delete a bunch of emails and set myself to do not disturb on Skype and that’s it.


Day has peaked already from checking my Instagram stories




Done by 4:30 PM

Of course I’m in. 3 day break after today though. Might nip to Salisbury or Southampton for NYE beers after work. Had a good old sing along to Self Esteem on the way in.



Just having a coffee and a yoghurt then I’ll be heading to work. Bleurgh. I don’t even think there’s a great deal for me to do today, so I’ll just be there to keep up appearances.

Morning to the rest of the going to work crew. Don’t actually mind going in these two days as it should be fairly quiet and I’d just be sat at home stuffing my face otherwise. I’ve also checked with the person in charge today (me) who has confirmed that we’ll be finishing at half 3, so that’s nice.

Morning. Gonna walk from one made-up place in Norfolk (Burnham Overy Staithe) to another (Wells-Next-The-Sea).


Alright. WFH. Will do something but probably not much.

I’m heading in early so I can get out early. Fingers crossed for a quiet day.

Got an MOR earworm thanks to the Co-op

Why don’t you take
These broken wings
And shove them up your arse
Up your arse so fa-aa-a-ar

What an unusual advertising jingle!


Doesn’t even rhyme


Glad to hear Christmas on Craggy Island was good. I am working today but I am not in an office, which will be frustrating.

Basically I think our offices close at Christmas and the new London office we have doesn’t have anyone who knows me in it if I wanted to go there!

They have this policy now that everyone is on holiday over Christmas but if you’re say (like me) in software support or infrastructure support or whatever, you need to get special dispensation to not have those holidays taken off you. STUPID.

Wow, 822 emails since I last logged in on 22nd December.

Still, most of these will be automated ‘alerts’ that I can delete without reading.

So near


Creme eggs are back in the shops, for everyone’s fyi

  • This is relevant to my interests
  • My tastes in confectionary are objectively incorrect

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Literally the only person online in Skype.

Might be Switch o’clock.

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Culled all the emails from FBWorkplace and Linked In and we’re down to 777

I saw mini eggs in the newsagents in Piccadilly Gardens before Christmas. Now those are the chocolate for me.

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