It's monday. it's evening. it's the monday evening thread



yupty dis?

I’m meant to be heading out on my bike soon but it’s pure baltic outside :fearful:


Not much Japesy. Might finish my book. Yeah way too cold to be out on a bike.


Hi japes! How’s Scotland?


hey bam! it’s cold as fuck!


It’s medium-cold here in the East Midlands.

Anyone else got a weather update?


i have to go to tiger tiger for work in a bit. it’s going to be really awful, isn’t it?


Nearly sat on someone’s lap in the steam room, and then had to navigate round some potentially awkward banter


Rent day, so running very low on money, which is a drag. Would definitely dump myself right now :wink:
I wish I could have a nice job that I liked which enabled me to work minimal hours and survive but apparently that just isn’t a thing.
Having said all that I think I might go buy a pizza and forget about it all. My flatmate’s got one of his first undergrad essays due in tomorrow so I think I’m more or less going to be coerced into helping him waffle about Descartes.



Aye, it’s fucking Baltic ma man


So awful they named it twice.


Don’t know that one, it’s lovely. Would certainly be up for becoming a kept man too!


1°C. Fog.

good evening are you ok i am


Monday Monday,
How I loathe ye.
Mutually broke up with the gf last night but I’m not sure if it will stick. We agreed to meet in 2 weeks to decide if we get back together which isn’t great fun. Ahhh


I’m listening to this again thanks to @AllOfThemWitches

What a trip!


Link didn’t work but whatever


Just read that Gorden Kaye has died :frowning:

I watched a heck of a lot of 'Allo 'Allo when I was younger. Not sure how well it’s aged (as most of the jokes I can remember were either a bit sexist or a bit xenophobic) but still, a terrific actor.


I ate a really sickly vegan Oreo chocolate tart and I had one last night too but I feel sooooo insanely guilty about this as I am trying super hard to lose weight
I feel like crying for being such an idiot for mindlessly eating it. I didn’t even really want it that much!