It's monday, it's evening time


A good dog sat next to me on the bus so my evening has peaked. Burritos for tea. Wbu?

wot else u got goin on?


Anyone know how to avoid that Tuesday/Wednesday serotonin crash from boozing at the weekend. Does me in everytime and I can feel it coming.

Going to watch MasterChef and then the penultimate Peaky Blinders. Enjoying the first day of the Easter holidays.

Something pretty major happened at work (potentially a good thing for once, although its created a lot of work).

Apart from that, treatment number 2 for daughters potential nit thing. Fish wedges and peas for tea. Oven is preheating now.

What a boring bloody post



Evening Eric, evening all.

Had too many noodles and didn’t realise until it was too late. So full.

M is still calling the cat Rod, not sure why its tickling me so much.

Going to bed as early as possible, can’t wait to be wrapped up and reading and sleepy :relaxed:


Was in the queue at the co-op earlier and a woman came and queued behind me and i noticed she was holding 2 pizzas so I told her that if she added 4 San Miguel then the whole lot would be £5.50 so she did and then gave me the beer cause she didn’t really want it so that was nice.
Just had a Brian Harvey Special for tea, gonna watch some crime TV until bedtime I reckon.


I’ve got to used to eating ben & jerry’s ice cream that whenever i buy another type it seems boring in comparison :frowning:

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I also had this thought yesterday and considered posting it then but I don’t think I did

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Listening to this, having a nice time pretending I’m in the past

Chorizo stew starting soon


Dinner was leftover business from last night’s toad in the hole. Chopped an onion, garlic, bit of chorizo. Fried them off, added diced up last night’s cauliflower, brocoli, carrots, sausage, and a bit of gravy. Then added a tin of tomatoes, some smoked paprika and a bit of stock. Cooked that down, stirred through some creme fraiche, then served over pasta. No bad.

Now retreated to bed and hoping the 'rona symptoms feck off

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For the benefit of @anon73286315 @Lo-Pan and @robstation01 who encouraged me to have pints before Father John Misty tonight.

Gonna get a pie and all.




just had some dinner. might have a wee face mask.

oh and a very happy birthday to top lad @anon50098204 and of course thewarnjnr. hope you’re both having lovely days. :slight_smile:


Both kids are at friends houses having sleepovers!

BUT - I’ve still got my father in law’s unhinged adolescent cockapoo here. My nerves are shot. I had to order an emergency pizza.

Going to pour myself a massive scotch when he gets collected later.

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Evening all. I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. Which is exactly the same as I felt when I got the rona. Guy who sat a few metres away from me on Thursday tested positive yesterday too. Dammit.

Also having a jacky p like our dear funky. Dunno what to have on top yet though. Probs your classic cheese and beans. Maybe some mushrooms in there.

DPD are playing absolute silly buggers with me today, cba with it. Six texts I’ve had, six!! I’m not gonna shag you!

Finally showered after feeling rotten all day and had a little cry in there whilst listening to a Nickelback song that came on shuffle :smiley: state of it.

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Just gone to bed. Going to read some Warhammer lore, maybe play some Pokémon Arceus, question every decision that’s led my life to this point, read a bit of my book (Orlando by Virginia Woolf), mentally stare into the void until the void stares back, that kind of thing.

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Finally got out on the bike just after five, and did a good twenty miler round and about pootle. Now I’m in the bath, and about to read dawn French’s novel.