It's Monday! It's the evening!

Howdy Monday eveningers, how y’all evenings goin’?

No idea what happened there. Just wanted to start an evening thread and panicked about what to say.


Got some beer and some microwave rice

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My pal is coming over for tea so I am re-enacting this popular YouTube video


Just been out to see a rental property. Just bleak. Totally bleak. Quite angry that the landlord deems it acceptable that property like that can be let out.

Anyway, feta and tomato bake for tea, a la Jamie. Easiest recipe ever.

Beer and TV tonight. Off tomorrow and looking forward to it. Will do a bit of house/job hunting as well for good measure


Hi hi. At the kids piano lessons. Quite soothing.

Then it’s home for tea. Friend has invited me to a pub quiz but v v v much CbA with going.




That looks good :+1:

Taking my wee bro and his very heavily pregnant tv out for some dinner in London Town.
Really looking forward to it :+1:

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Evening all. Everything went okay with the new starter, until about 3.30pm when her laptop decided to stop working. Think we’ve just about got it sorted but I’m WFH tomorrow and I’m stressing that it won’t work in the morning… Gonna put a backup plan in place this evening.

Also need to revise a PowerPoint for a Foodbank assembly that I’m doing tomorrow. All the fun.

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Dr Mrs Epimer’s dad had his op this afternoon and is off the recovery ward and back into the normal ward. Dunno what the visiting plan is so I’ll play this evening by ear I suppose.

Evening FL, all.

Stressful day as I nearly fucked quite an important website launch. Fortunately, on the verge of telling the client it wouldn’t be ready until 24 hours after his big launch event, I thought of a plan B and it was done in time. I really don’t want to relive the moment this morning when I realised what hadn’t been done though. If I had any hair it would be even greyer than it theoretically is already.

Anyway, fuck that, off to a gig in Dalston with my other half now.

I am glad disaster was averted!

Who are you seeing tonight?

Sorry for this downer…

Car parked outside my flat with engine running for 40 minutes now just staring into my flat, every time I looked at them they wouldn’t look away. Got really scared and went to speak to them and then they were really evasive and awful and one got out and towered over me started saying I was racist and would not listen when I told him I ask literally ask everyone who stares into my flat what they’re doing given that creep who’s making life hell and how they’d just stared at me threateningly for so long when I was clearly concerned about their presence. I totally get the race thing (or rather I dont but I understand and for that reason I left it so long before finally biting the bullet), but I told him several times I’ve asked kids, women, white, Asian, black, everyone but he started sort of squaring up to me rather than realising I’m trying to tell him there’s a guy trying to attack women in this block. Then followed me to my door.

They’re still out there and I’m just say in the dark crying.

I’ll be alright in a bit but, as ever you’re the ones I spill my guts too.


Fionn Regan at EartH


That’s really horrible, sorry you’ve had to experience that!

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Put this together earlier, and an IKEA bookcase

And I’m a bit worn out from it (find this kind of DIY quite stressful tbh) so had jacket potatoes for tea and got some beers on the go. Watched some more Seinfeld, now some true crime stuff.

PS @Scout that sounds awful, I really hope you’re ok. Is there anyone that can come over and be with you? Is MWT still on holiday?


@plasticniki the confirmation email was in my spam folder

Yeah he’s away for a bit longer. It’s alright. I’ve got my giant stick next to the bed and I feel less freaked out now.

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listening to nas - illmatic which I haven’t done for awhile. my controversial opinion… it’s still pretty good

need to do a bit more work then will watch a shit film of some kind