It's Monday! It's the evening!

Oh fuck, that sounds awful :frowning:

Wish there was some way I could help x


oh wow, same

I was just flicking through the TV channels to discover Andi Peters excitedly selling biscuits on QVC.

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Urgh that’s awful :pensive:
Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable in their own home, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. Wish there was more I could do than offer hugs from afar x


Thanks FL. Just a bit sick of, out of 78 flats, being the one to always be looking out for the safety of everyone else. 3 neighbours stood in the doorway watching, when he got out of the van not one if them even shouted over to ask if I was ok. In fact, it turns out one of them knew the guy in the van…and she didn’t even come out to diffuse it or put my mind at ease. Just watched him shouting at me and M like it was a soap opera. Ffs.

yellow converse buddies ^5

@scout that sounds really awful.


Awful that the one who knew him wouldn’t intervene. Also people watching ans not helping, wtf. I’ll be honest, if I was a neighbour in that situation I would probably just be really scared and stay in my flat (with phone in hand to call the police if it seemed like they might be bothered to help), which is obviously quite useless… but standing and watching is awful, can’t be that scared if you are stood in the doorway so why not help? :frowning:

This is a bad time to remember to say @Scout, but my aura chai arrived and I really enjiyed it, also it makes the cupboard it is in smell amazing. Have actually just opened the door a few times today to sniff inside.

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Oh yeah, not suggesting anyone get involved but if they’d made their presence known (even a cough) it might have stopped him being so aggressive (neither of us saw them until he started following me back)

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Came home to Mr sickie having made a chilli and banana bread. :drooling_face:


Oh yum! I ran out last week, waiting on a delivery of it and going seriiusly cold turkey.

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:crossed_fingers: hope it arrives some chaime soon.


Chai do too


Am I gonna watch a whole documentary on ATHENETHEGREAT?

The ex disser?

Nah the weird earlyish gamer/personality person who I guess ATHENETHEGREAT took their name from.


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At a bar, found out they’re screening horror movies every night this month so I am IN despite my general awkwardness at going to bars on my own.

Got a tasty Brewdog / North stout to keep me company.

I remember Athene being pretty sound but obvs nobody was as good as ashlee