It's Monday morning


G’day, mates. What’s happening? How’s work gonna be?

No work for me, going to do some recording in a bit. Was meant to get up and run but I overslept, oops.


In the Pret in paternoster square pretending to work before a meeting. St. Pauls is a proper good looking building.

Accidentally got no sleep last night and my beard trimmer broke, so looking p. trampy

Happy monday!


morning eric and etc.

we spent the whole weekend repainting bits of our flat. i’m knackered and would quite like to spend the whole day in bed tbqfh.

might buy myself a big bag of chocolate to take into work.


Off to the library in a bit to make a nuisance of ourselves (make a minor amount of noise quietly reading some books).

Later :wave:


i wish you’d kept bear trimmer!



Urgh got a busy week coming up. Think I might take off next Monday just to break things up a bit, not had any leave yet during 2018 and feeling a bit wiped out.


On my commute, going through Ealing. Not had coffee yet. Help


Feeling tired and miserable. Gonna attempt a DiS hiatus to make myself feel better. If you see me posting, tell me to bugger off

:wave:t2: :two_hearts:


Godspeed, meo!


me irl


fine! leave then!

(hope you feel better soon! :slight_smile: )


Got a new bed and chest of drawers being delivered today - it’s all go in Leeds!

In-laws are still here from the weekend. Came back from my mum’s bday dinner yday evening to find they had the heating on 25 degrees. Twenty-five! It was like a sauna.


Morning champs.

Had a solid 8/10 weekend after sorting out some life shit on Friday. Feel a lot better about things now. Work is going to suck today as people come out and do food shopping after the #beastfromtheeast #stormemma apocalypse we had last week.

Also this report into doping practices/ethics in sport has put a massive smile on my face so that’s nice



Have they declared a winner yet?


my first thought on seeing that report (other than despair at the pathetic inevitability of it all) was “rich is going to really enjoy reading this”



Had a really good weekend - couple of 10 mile hikes enjoying the last of the snow - couple of ales in the evenings…feeling very sleepy now but already in work

Made a new selfie before yesterdays hike



Think #stormemma battered the #beastfromtheeast into submission


No water supply this morning. It’s been crap all weekend and now there’s none at all.



Nice to see some actual journalism from the likes of Dan Roan, Martha Kelner, Sean Ingle, Matt Lawton, Paul Kimmige and Mark Daly having a positive effect for once tbf.