It's Monday morning


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Not even sure what his name is. British comedy actor who’s turned up in star wars and bollocks

(Billy Dee) Williams?

doesn’t work


Ah fuck, havent got my brother a card. You were supposed to remind me, DiS!

Is Jackson lying on the skin of another jackson?

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Can you get mine one too, it’s his birthday today

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It was actually sunny out in Leeds today. :open_mouth:

Planning to go enjoy the sunshine by sitting in a dark room watching Three Roadsigns outside some Midwest Town later

Speaking of cards it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday - no one forget!

Doug’s really fallen on hard times.

I’ve still got the card I forgot to send last year. Well done, me.

  • Go home and do some work
  • Get a pint

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Democracy in action



Not falling for that one again!

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An ex-colleague of mine who used to walk out of work all the time, regularly screamed and shouted at me, gave me really subpar scripts to work with, etc. has asked me for a reference :joy:


  • Get your hair cut tonight
  • Get your hair cut tomorrow
  • Make a public poll and see what your fellow DiSers think

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Do it! And make it subtly really bad obviously.

Yeah, what I’ve never told you all before is he’s got a bit of a buffalo bill complex thing happening, it’s weird.

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