It's Monday morning

It made the news earlier.

Alright chaps. Today is my thursday as I’m off to Israel midweek. Chances of me doing anything today or tomorrow in the office are extremely slim. Gotta pick up my shekels at lunch :money_mouth_face:

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Went to a different type of yoga class last night and the teacher was spouting some absolute bollocks. I actually got a bit annoyed when she said that resting your forehead on a block in a certain way helps digestion(?) because it activates a certain part of your connective tissue(?!?).

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It’s St. Piran’s innit. I’ll get the turnips in.

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I’m starting next week, can’t be arsed with any of that

My normal teacher is fine, as long as you get someone who doesn’t buy into the pseudoscience you’ll be ok

Morning. I’m hungry already.

My task list for this week is looking mercifully light, so I’m going to crack on with a bunch of things I’ve been ignoring for a while.

Pubrunner tonight. Going to try to eat more sensibly this week but the cajun chicken burger is already calling to me.

Think I somehow managed to leave all my duvet covers at my old gaff, ffs. Will have to crawl over and look at some point.

Morning all!

Wor Lass enjoyed her birthday breakfast and card. The Child enjoyed crawling around the kitchen floor. I got to work in less time than usual and my Monday classes are now 30 mins shorter than before so I don’t start until half nine.

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Listening to isn’t anything on the train

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Someone remind me to send my brother a birthday card pls

Hi DiS

It’s Monday morning, I’m at work having my third coffee of the day.

I see there’s a 300+ thread about how we talk to each other and Meow needs time away from here. Great.

My boss is off sick, I didn’t get time to trim my beard this morning and I think I’m getting another cold. Monday.

feel better soon! You’ll be missed :hugs:

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starting my diet today, gonna be fit, happy and sexy in no time!

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Gonna have a quiet morning working my way through Meet Me in the Bathroom
before work - everyone in it seems like a total dick, basically an indie rock soap opera haha.

Got some lovely beer glasses and vouchers for the bday so mulling over what to purchase.


Logged on this morning to no fewer than ten notifications! Good golly.

Minor dread about work, unusually. Sure it will work itself out.

Trains absolutely fucked. London Northwestern are fucking hopeless. Almost three months into the franchise and they’ve turned an operation that could have been better into a shambling nightmare.

Lots to do at work, quiet week otherwise, which is good since I only have £23.83 to last me until Friday morning.

Ah god had a proper Coleridge haze-dream moment where I had a really properly good idea for a story or something and it’s all fucking gone. Probably shite in the end but the fact I can’t remember a single bit of it’s so damn frustrating.

The snow days have made me realise what a complete waste of time work is.


Got a big long list of work to do today and absolutely no desire to do any of it. Might lock my phone in my drawer.

I need to do my expenses again.

Don’t want to.