It's Monday morning

send my brother a birthday card pls

Oh gosh that sounds super stressful. Glad the littl’un is ok.



The band put a new song out today innit:

We are also playing a free show at Stour Space if anyone fancies! x

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Those of you that live with someone else or have lived with someone else, how do you deal with having differing opinions about how you decorate your home?

I have never decorated anywhere with someone before but I fear the future silly arguments that may occur because of it :grimacing: The problem for me is I get quite enthusiastic about things and if someone doesn’t share … my vision :roll_eyes: I can get a bit… um… ragey? :blush:

I am probably worrying for the sake of it, but please, can someone reassure me that they don’t have exactly the same tastes as the person they’re living with? Or compromises they’ve made…

I mean, I am slightly joking about the rage thing, but I do get a bit irked which is silly and I’d like to not be that way. I want to be totally cool, dude. SO tell me things.

Quiet, seething resentment mostly.


Haha, your owls were the first thing that popped to mind whilst I was writing this :laughing: :owl::owl::owl::owl::owl::owl::owl::owl::owl::owl:


The rule is, as with anything in life, the most enthusiastic person gets to make the decisions.

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I live with a few housemates and we have very different opinions when it comes to decorating. I like things minimalist, with very little clutter while one of my housemates likes clutter, like having dead flowers still in jars and having ornaments all over the place. It annoys me a bit but I’ve had to learn to live with it, otherwise I’d just become poor Epimer up there^^^.


Yeaaaah. Seee our problem is we are both quite enthusiastic with our hobbies they take up a lot of space. I’d like to keep the living room a bit more minimalist and not have any of that kind of stuff spilling over into it but our flat is quite small and it’s the biggest room so it’s pretty unavoidable. I’m concerned I’ll try and think of a few different storage solutions and after some effort they will just be met with a no or “we just need to get rid of stuff” which is a bit deflating, I don’t want to throw things away that I don’t want to get rid of!

I don’t know this will be the outcome for sure obviously… but I fear it kallgeese, I fear it! :scream:

Oh completely. For everything that we’ve agreed on with the new gaff there’s plenty we haven’t. I think we tend to present what we’d like to do, agree on what we like, if anything, and then slowly reach a compromise on the things that we don’t.

We’re quite good at coming back to each other with answers and examples rather than just shutting each other down and calling each other a grotesquely ugly freak.

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Split your place up into rooms and you each get to decide how to decorate/fill those rooms?

Draw a line down the centre of each room and you each decorate half?


Yeah this is better


Do one of those optical illusion things so it looks like one thing from one direction then a different thing from another. Everybody gets what they want, as long as they’re standing in the right place.

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Sounds like a lot of effort.

Relationships are hard.

Haha, see you both look like you’re in total harmony with each other. Your home looks beautiful!

Is there anything currently in your home that you do not like but have accepted that it has to stay there?

Aww well that’s very sweet of you, thank you :blush: I can’t imagine anything more boring than being in total harmony, just become one of those ‘yes dear’ types :face_vomiting:

Yes, a really horrible lamp that my wife bought from Oliver Bonas that looks like a crystal ball. Irks me so bad. Loads of really shit candle and tea light holders as well. For some reason she’s got a massive obsession with our initials so there’s D’s and J’s about all over the option and either way you stage them it looks like we’re big fans of disc jockeys or massively into tennessee bourbon.