It's Monday morning


sickie today - had a migraine earlier that died about an hour after i called in. like fuck am i gonna be honest tho.

getting a decentish new LP together atm. one of those things where the new tracks are all over the shop stylistically so sequencing and cutting the fat are of the utmost. quite excited tho, i’ve been trying new mixing and sampling stuff out and some of it has paid off well.

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nonsense mutation is a good phrase


very chris morris.

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Oh, we have a rule that no musical instruments are allowed in our communal areas, which is our only way of keeping the house livable.

Unfortunately decluttering is a fact of life. I’ve had to get rid of a lot of stuff recently. I have a mate who’s had to get rid of hundreds of retro games as him and his TV had so little space in their apartment. Life, it gets in the way!

:scream: :scream: :scream:

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Quite the day. Mild beeves at the studio, sorta annoyed famous actor man by staring at him while trying to work out who he was, then was waiting at the automated cash ATM machine when a bloke walked off without his money and I had to chase him down while carrying too much stuff. Going home now and hope to not interact with any more members of the public today.

Got to see ma main man earlier:


I know at this point you’re doing it to farm likes, but I can’t resist that wee face.

And also Jackson’s hahahahahah



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Not even sure what his name is. British comedy actor who’s turned up in star wars and bollocks

(Billy Dee) Williams?

doesn’t work


Ah fuck, havent got my brother a card. You were supposed to remind me, DiS!

Is Jackson lying on the skin of another jackson?

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Can you get mine one too, it’s his birthday today

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It was actually sunny out in Leeds today. :open_mouth:

Planning to go enjoy the sunshine by sitting in a dark room watching Three Roadsigns outside some Midwest Town later

Speaking of cards it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday - no one forget!

Doug’s really fallen on hard times.

I’ve still got the card I forgot to send last year. Well done, me.