it's monday, the evening

this mess we’re in and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

dnd tonight :crossed_swords: :dragon: need to go and quickly grab something for tea, thinking bahn mi.

no booze for me tonight after all. you win this round, hoogy!!!

wuu2 huns


Had dinner already so it’s all downhill from here, isn’t it


sticking that banger on right now

had a busy day, gonna do fuck all now

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Had jackfruit burrito.

No other plans

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Chicken ceaser salad for tea then lay on the sofa watching footeh

Just had a wash in the garden with a bucket of hot water. I feel like Bear Grylls.


Had a big veggie sausage burger, egg and cheese bagel for late lunch and now I’m not hungry :crying_cat_face:
Probs just gonna have cold veg for tea cause it’s TOO HOT and I’m UPSET ABOUT THIS.
Could’ve sworn there was something else I want meant to do today but :thinking:
My birds aren’t real T-shirt didn’t come today which is a shame

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Any piss involved?

jackfruit is such a con, mannn

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Watching Space Force :sweat_smile:

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yeah but you’ve got bedtime to look forward to!

I think that the dog may have had a piss while I was washing, if that counts?


It was free (my mum bought me it)

good stretch today huh


Friend coming over for film night and beers :rotating_light:

Kinda wish they weren’t though and I could sit in park reading. Curse my attempts to plan fun things in advance

Just a boring Monday night misery dinner


Feeling melancholy and hungry

Or possibly just hungry

We’ll find out when I eat tea maybe

Or so we hope

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Omg tell me someone else just heard this is democracy manifest… I see you know your judo well in hollyoaks!!!

Got to go out and buy batteries for the radio I bought. Feel like a time traveller

cooked an aubergine thing but the aubergine tasted like soap