It's Monday

How are you all?


  1. I always wanted an alarm clock that sounded like this. Never happened though
  2. Wake Up! by The Boo Radleys is an underrated album. Okay, Wake Up Boo is well overplayed but there’s some absolute gold if you can get past the first track
  3. It was pretty much dark when I left the house this morning. Actually felt like I sleep-cycled to the train station.

Additional note: having entitled this thread “It’s Monday” and having posted a Boo Radleys track in the OP, I’ve now got the thread title in my head to the tune of It’s Lulu

Hiyaaaaa! I’ve taken the morning off cos I’m not feeling great. Might go back to sleep.

Yes! My friend uses the same alarm to remind him to take his insulin and it’s like “fuck, ugh”. Weird Pavlovian response!

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I have a fever. My nights sleep was terrifying. Don’t know what to do now, wrap up warm or try and cool down. Help.

Morning ccb!

It is Monday indeed. I’m eating porridge. I had a few different alarm clocks over the years, most notably this one -

UGHHH hearing that made me want to SMASH. I also had this one at uni, no idea what it’s saying -

The absolute best alarm song I ever had on my phone was Wham Wake me up before you go-go, you can’t get angry. You just want to dance…


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Got a job interview in london. Got to go in to the office first though. I wonder simply wear a suit.


Good luck, warny!


I had that Bart one too!

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Can I have another weekend please? Great time at the wedding of two ATDs but exhausted now.

I feel diabolical. 99.9999% want to stay at home instead of going to work but everyone else there has soldiered through their cold and I don’t think there’s anyone who would be particularly thrilled to cover me (covering someone else)… urghhhhh

I was this close to falling asleep in the shower. Is this enough of a reason to not go in??

Yes, definitely don’t go in.

I used to have a Sufjan track as my alarm and now I can’t listen to that song any more

Not great tbh. I had a terrible sleep. Best get myself off to the depression thread!!!1

Gonna get some porridge from Leon.

You could have Impossible Soul, which would effectively give you 24 minutes to get out of bed.

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Happy Monday everyone!

This is my last week of Mon-Fri*, 9-5 drudgery (*and I’ve got tomorrow off, anyway). Got a full team of people in all week too, so I can probably get away with doing very little all week apart from today cos I’ve got the new kid shadowing me.

My housemate at uni had this alarm clock:

Naturally we used to set it for 3am and hide it in each other’s rooms.


I’m still in bed because I’m working from home today, getting up at exactly 8:59. Getting some new windows put in today. That’s about it, hope everyone has a more exciting day.

William Wordsworth’s career as a stylist was not as successful as he’d hoped.

*Good luck though!