It's Monday


Off we go again :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

U ok hun?


Eugh no




+ the frost and moon looks quite pretty this morning

That’s all I’ve got


Let’s get this day over with eh. Patty & Bun and a few drinks in my old stomping grounds tonight before Shabazz Palaces later on.


Lying in bed until my flatmate leaves, to make 100% sure of no morning interactions.



Man it’s COLD today.

This is now the post pictures of spent fireworks thread.


Just getting used to the fact this is what people do for the rest of our lives



Trying to sort everything at work before starting a secondment next week.

Its belatedly dawned on me that unlike leaving a job for good, secondment means that if you leave things in a mess its gonna be your mess x10 when you come back …


You never get used to it


Good morning




Morning all!

I thought @1101010 had started a Wednesday thread today because of Australian time difference. I was very confused.

This will be a nice view in a couple of hours.


Morning, there’s snow on the mountains now:

Last week here, looking forward to getting home.


Day off* today! Woo!

*full day of work for other job, beginning with me heading all the way to Walthamstow which is a complete bastard to get to from where I live. Boooo!


Developing a pretty banging headache this morning. Need coffee and drugs.

Fields near us are looking lovely and frosty so it’s not all bad.


good morning assorted DiSers. day off today, just having eggs and coffee and then will spend the day recording probably. should do some exercise today as well, might go out for a run in a bit.


Cold out innit


What kind of eggs? I’m hungry :frowning: