It's Monday

Til cholula is made by the Jose Cuervo people



Walked to work listening to Hookworms. Feeling a bit fresher now. I have a mountain of work to do today, all of it unrelated to zombie job, at which I’m doing absolutely nothing.

Missed a family wedding at the weekend and Mam was really disappointed. Going to have to make it up to her because I feel really bad about that.

It’s made by the Jose Cuervo tequila company

is this bad?

No just sayin

I’m sorry to have wasted your time. Please continue to enjoy your morning.

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Morning all.

I’m back from holiday and suffering from a week long cumulative hangover. I envy the dead.

I did at least successfully get engaged though. That was nice.

Now to get a coffee and stare into the abyss/Outlook for a few hours.

Hope everyone is well.


Had to ring fire brigade at half 6 cause all the alarms were going off. Shattered

I had my youngest wake me up at 3.30am because she had a nightmare (a frog was trying to eat her, apparently). And then my eldest was sick on the landing at about 4.30am. Managed to get back to sleep about an hour before my alarm went off.

Took the day off because I stayed up till four watching the Netrunner world championships.

I am an adult.


I’m only up now because the prize cunt next door massively over-committed to a sneeze and woke me up. Imagine being such an inconsiderate bell-end that you’re more disruptive to your neighbours than your screaming newborn child.

Japes’ board game addiction thing he posted last week - actually true? :smiley:



Saw the fireworks in Victoria park, and my mate bought me Japenese food made by the drummer from Bo Ningen in Homerton. It was bloody delicious. Coming down hard now.

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Dunno, I’ve muted him. He knows why.

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Congrats you big ol’ stallion!


Someone in the office has a very audible, phlegmy cough which has already made me dry heave several times at my desk. Properly hear them bringing up loads of flob and not spitting it out - oh god i can’t cope with this

Weekend was nice. Out with my BFF to celebrate my birthday the other week and got loads of well good presents including my new favourite thing which is a Himalayan salt rock lamp :heart:
Saturday went fireworks with my old housemates then went silent disco and got very, very drunk.
Yesterday was hangover day and then we went to see The Killing of a Sacred Deer which is not hangover viewing I must say. Dread levels were at 100 after that.

Cheers @Witches & @Twinkletoes!

She giggled and heckled me throughout the whole thing. Which, on balance, is absolutely the correct response.


Happy Monday. Encountered some actual snow yesterday. The wintering is here.

Morning DiS. I’ve got a cold, but came into work anyway - had a lot of time off recently, plus I’ve got a “wire bird making” thing booked for this evening. We’ll see if I make it through the day or not.

Nothing else to report for now, I’m going to huddle up in my hoodie and pretend I’m working.