It's Monday!

Morning all! How are you?

Had a nice weekend, but now lining up for a shower of bullshit at work today.

hbu? What’s new?

Day off. Slightly concerned about whether we’re gonna be trapped by snow in the north york moors where we stayed last night…

Just opened the blinds and it’s, uh, snowing here.

Three days off work, girlfriend is coming to stay today. We were meant to be going on a pub crawl along the coast but there’d be a fair amount of walking involved and if this weather keeps up…

Working from home, got a big important thing I’ve totally messed up and need to either try to fix today or will have to talk to my managers manager and possibly a big divisional head to explain why they’re missing a section of work they were expecting … stupid dumb brain, but I’ve also left it so late that I’m almost weirdly over it and zen?

Odd. Otherwise v tired from too many pointless late weekend nights, but got nice coffee so it’s slides and seesaws innit

Starting a new job today, hoping it will involve an 8-9 hour work day. Having coffee + a bagel, obv.

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Just been wandering round Luang Prabang, it’s stunning. French colonial architecture and beautiful scenery. Bit hungover from last night.


Off today. Taking the kiddo to the docs for a check up. That’ll go down well with her. Then there’s 4 viewings booked in for our gaff this afternoon and so I’m going out. But the weather is looking shitty so now idea how I can kill 2.5hrs.


WFH - had a very boozy and dancey weekend so was grateful for the extra 90 mins in bed.

Got fucking loads to do today :frowning: @laelfy if you could get here asap and start your new job today that’d be great cheers.


I liked LP a lot. Make sure you eat coconut pancakes from the night market and go to the waterfalls.

If you or the wife is into crafty stuff there’s a place here that tries to preserve traditional crafts / they have a really nice little cafe/bar overlooking the river that’s a nice place to spend an hour or two.

:grimacing: properly didn’t sleep last night as I came to the realisation that there really isn’t very many jobs at all in Scotland for me.

woke up early to go for a run and there’s 50mph winds out there… ah’m oot

Can’t believe it’s snowing despite being the height of summer yesterday

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:grimacing: that sucks. Enjoy moving to London!


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I’m watching the finale of everybody loves Raymond and the pilot’s on after.

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I’d suggest Devon but people here barely trust a Vicks stick let alone what you do.

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You sell it so well