It's Monday!

Not doing that well!

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Oh Turd off

What is a ‘lunch break’ pls?

Going to finish an 8 month project, 3 months early today. Boss said i can have rest of week off with pay and giving me a 5k spot bonus.


About to go live on if any of you fancy tuning in.

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Mine’s a cider, cheers.

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Send me your paypal, first couple on me.


Haha absolutely not. You’re a good egg NY.

What ridiculous guitar you getting with the bonus?

chillin atm… might try vibin later, we’ll see



That Dave Grolsch picture but it’s Kurt CoorsLightBain

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or Coorslightney Love

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Talk about a piece of art right there.

feel like shit because I went shopping earlier and passed a homeless guy and thought “I’m going to give you my change when I get back from Lidl” but on the way back he was gone :frowning:

Wrong. It’s this

Looks awful :smile:

Best bread going. Don’t make me @ thewarn

I may be in Brighton in April. Would be nice to catch you for a drink…

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Yeah that would be good!

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just cross-referenced as i wasn’t 100% sure!

Moon: red collar, mid blue skirt
Venus: mid blue collar, orange skirt
Mercury: light blue collar, mid blue skirt
Mars: purple collar, red skirt
Jupiter: light pink collar, green skirt

Excited to see how they come out!!

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