It's Monday!


On way into work after a little sleep in. What will Monday bring?

Morning DiS,

First day in the office since last tuesday. Bleurgh. And the traffic was TERRIBLE - so bad that I probably should have turned around and just worked from home. WFH tomorrow though, to eat pancakes for every meal.

You mean by keeping up my posting numbers while getting paid far too much, right?

Had a booze accident last night. Please help I am terrible today

The link you sent me only has jobs in London. It’s a no from me.

There are firms with Glasgow and shudder Edinburgh offices. Even at least one in Aberdeen!

Oh is tomorrow the day??


So far done to to lidl, big existential crisis, and prepping loads of veg for something which might resemble a ‘bolognese’ with vegan mince, but I’ve never made one before* so it might just be my vague idea of one. We’ll see, hopefully it will be edible at the very least and maybe R will eat enough to have made it worth my while.

Think I might go back to that existential crisis noe I have a little bit of time before the preschool pick up.

*really hate mince, especially beef or lamb, so was never something I ate growing up so not the default staple meal it is for some to me, need to increase my repertoire of dishes for R though as I am always making the same things.

7 mins into new job, hiya


i look like im dead angry about summat today but no, its just my stupid skin trying to remove itself from my face. just thinking about how id love to be quarantined for two weeks

Feeling very headachey for a Monday morning, going to wrap up and write from home today.

Seeing Uni staff on strike today at Newcastle Uni, feel for them stood in the cold. The person in the ‘solidarity shark’ suit particularly having a hard one haha.

Morning all

Done loads of chores already this morning, itching to get out for a walk but it’s pissing it down as per.

UNDER ONE MONTH TIL I START MY NEW JOB!!! Now I just need to find someone to give me temp work til then… another two agency registrations lined up for tomorrow.

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It is. Maybe I’ll make a thread, because every year I dig out the best filling recipe, which has mango and rum in it.

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Must have been a tight-fitting suit if you could tell that.


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I hear Oxford is nice

I dont

And has lots of jobs…wait a minute…

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@pervo I finally started practicing your Sailor Moon origami and can say with reasonable confidence I can make it well, what colours would you like it? (can make a few different one if you like)

Forgot how much I like origami. Anyone else want anything made?


you heard wrong