It's Monday

Alright? I’m currently on a bus to Plymouth to start jury duty and tbh I’d rather not be. Gonna get a McDonald’s breakfast though so that’s nice. What’s going on today then?


Morning, morning. I managed to get up early today but so far I’ve just bummed about playing with the cat. I feel very calm. Here we are having tea and wandering in the garden

Actually have several meetings today so might be busy, which is very unusual. Hope everyone has a nice day.


Morning all!

Everyone is back to school today in our house. Nobody has cried yet but I don’t feel too far from it.

My dearest partner has got covid so I’ve locked her in the bedroom

you shall not pass the lord of the rings GIF


Happy international gibbon day everyone!


Day two of nine days off.

Got the squirts off a dodgy burrito.

Could be first day of working with new room set up, or could have to head into the office - we shall see in the next 40 mins

Crumpets for bfast I’d wager anyway

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Got a lie in until 8. Son was u0 a lot in the night with a chesty cough, so I was dealing with him. Pretty wiped out now. Might be off to the zoo later? Think it’s the only good day of the week, so might have to make the most of it.


Those McDonald’s mini waffles are fucking good eh?



In skeggy so gonna do some crazy golf, rides and unhealthy food

Eye test and glasses turned out to be twice the price I was expecting, and I had two interviews that became busts last week. On the bright side, someone brought their dog to the office today! Everything’s ok

slept dreadfully last night. couple hours in work before heading off to cologne for work this afternoon for a few days.

Morning :wave: Watched a horror last night that involved a ghost/spirit called Corner Man who, you guessed it, lurks and haunts from the corner. Since then my baby has been staring, laughing and cooing into the corner of the bedroom :upside_down_face:




Got my first dumping via WhatsApp voice message last night, good to get it ticked off the list

Plan for the day is work, therapy, more work / staring into the void, yoga , D&D - got 7am starts at work for the next 2 days :weary:

Dog sitting at the moment and they are obsessed with staring at the ceiling and corners in any quiet moment … concerning

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‘Tis the season… :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:

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You can’t trick me, that’s a fox, not a cat.


Those what now?

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