It's Monday

I’m on the train. The ticket inspector keeps walking past me. He must think he’s checked my ticket but he hasn’t.

Turns out I’ve got a ticket. More fool him.

How are you all?




Spicing up your Monday with some non-crime is just lovely ccb :innocent:

Bit of a daunting week coming up and panicking that my brain is not up to it :face_with_peeking_eye:

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School shut. Snow day. :blush:


Two weeks til Christmas, team! Reckon if we can just push through this week, next week will surely be piss right?


Day off. Took the kids to school and it is horrendous ice all over pavement. Nearly stacked it multiple times, and I’m so tall if I fall over they will just have to put me down :sleepy:
Grabbed a coffee now back home and not leaving house again until this fucking nonsense weather is done with.

Can’t believe it’s -7 in Glasgow. I don’t need this.


It’s very ‘Silent Hill’ here.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.


I have convinced myself I’m well again now and am at my desk trying to catch up on a fuckton of stuff before Santa shits down the chimney

may end up regretting this but I just can’t lie in bed for another day longer

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At work. Really ill. Really tired. Happy Monday.

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Robbing from Greater Anglia to give to… the public purse


As someone who works in retail, I read this comment and then actually died. This is now my ghost posting. :wink:


Eek, stay strong!

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Really really really cba


Things I need to do before I can relax:

  • submit my AQOS answers
  • post my DiS Secret Santa present
  • make some biscotti
  • carol service (sadly no Calypso Carol this year :sob:)
  • two-day visit to Southend, Basildon and Stoke next Monday and Tuesday

Last two working days should be fine :slight_smile: then 12 days off :partying_face:

(apologies to Retail DiS)


Yeah kinda realised how short my ‘things that absolutely have to do be done before Xmas’ list was on Friday so hoping to get them boxed off early this week for an easy ride through to Christmas.


Morning :snowman_with_snow: Baby’s down for his first nap and I’m gonna make a coffee. It’s freezing and I’m feeling the festive laziness creep in, so I’m going to just finish some Christmas wrapping and then get stuck into a Celebs Go Dating binge :christmas_tree::star_struck:


Didn’t get up early enough to get into the office for the morning session.

It’s freezing so may walk in at lunchtime


My eyeball is being a right wee dickhead at the moment. Think I’ve got conjunctivitis. Weep. Feel very not attractive.

In other news I went to the Asian supermarket yesterday and bought lots of things I’m excited about. So that was nice.

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always waking up feeling off, i’m blaming the cold

lots to do today but no meetings, so should be achievable but also … the procrastination …

either band practise or massage later today depending on how organised I can get myself to be