It's my 50th birthday....ASK ME ANYTHIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!

I am now 50 years old!

If there is anything you have ever wanted to know about me, a long time but peripheral and inconsequential poster, then now is the time to ask!



Hello fellow Scorpio ‘73

I will be joining you in the 50 club in 3 weeks.

Do you have any culturally or personally interesting earliest memories?

Oh and congrats - have a fantastic birthday!

Happy birthday! How are the alpacas?


How does it feel to be 50 and still COOL?

Scorpio '73’s UNITE!

My memory is awful…one of my earliest is when I was about 4 or 5 and I’m out shopping with my mum in the town I lived for 33 years. Just remember the high street being mobbed with shoppers and cars on the road. Now it’s been pedestrianised and is empty with boarded up shops everywhere.

^^Could be an early Stereophonics lyric.

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They are great, thanks. Fluffing up nicely for winter, their favourite time of year.
Think we’ve had them for nearly 8 years now!


What piece of art is most important to you?

What’s the most poos you’ve done in a single day?

It feels alright being 50. But the shock of 60 being just round the corner now kinda freaks my head!

Not sure about being cool though. Although I’ll take that compliment! Thanks toast!

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Happy birthday :partying_face:

It’s the European Cup final, somehow inexplicably it’s Bolton Wanderers v Motherwell, WHAT DO YOU DO?

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Not sure to be honest…my fav album is probably GnR Appetite For Destruction. Still remember sitting in my bedroom when it came out thinking that these dudes from LA made the coolest music I’ve ever heard. Had such an impact on teenage me.

Probably 3.
Usually just the one, and usually this happens in the morning. It has already happened this morning.

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Oh my goodness!! The DREAM!!!
It WILL happen one day! (it won’t)

Motherwell all the way!!! A 5:4 thriller.


Did you have a crisis at 40 like I currently am?

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Happy birthday! :partying_face:

Happy Birthday!

My question is - how many people have wished you happy birthday so far today (both in person, or via some other form of communication)

Oh and happy birthday!

A very happy birthday ma man. You must be one of the youngest looking 50 year olds i’ve met. :slight_smile:

Who would you choose to make up a fourball (you’re 1 so 3 others) from golfers dead or alive and what course you playing?

Happy Birthday! No question from me at this time. Have a good one! :gift: :tada: :star: :partying_face:

Nope. Not at all, but as I mentioned above, 50 feels VERY Close to 60, and 60+ doesn’t sound like much fun!

hope you are OK xx

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Thanks ding-dingers