It's my 50th birthday....ASK ME ANYTHIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!

Merry birthday!

If you could travel back in time to any point before you were born, when would you go to?

Mrs casinobay, my parents, Mrs casinobay’s sister, my best friend and Nas, the Ukrainian woman that lived with us.
One in person, the rest via WhatsApp.

I don’t really know many people so I reckon that that will be it as far as happy birthdays go (apart from the wonderful folks on here!)


Probably nine months before today and persuade my ‘parents’ to just have oral sex. That feels so weird typing that out.

What is your alpacas favourite food? (hb,cb)

Happy cakes! :birthday::birthday::birthday:

If you were gifted 6.2 acres of underused brownfield land in Bolton what would do with it? (Money no object)

Good question dude!

Me, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Seve! Kinda obvious answer. It would be great to see the 3 of them hunting around in the trees and rough looking for all my wayward shots!
Course would be Augusta!

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Thank you

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Happy birthday! Can you pick a favourite song from every decade you have been alive so far, please?


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Happy Birthday!
(It’s mine tomorrow btw :grinning:)
Q. Worst thing about being 50
Q. Best thing about being 50

I’d rebuild the football stadium back in the heart of the community and if there’s any room left public sports pitches, parks and a Jay Jay Okocha statue.


Jeez…I need to think about this one!

Gimme 10 mins!

Casinobay for mayor

Cb’s alpacas for co-mayors. Imagine an alpaca with a sash!


Do you own clothing in any of the following materials?


If you’re on here and like music then you’re cool

These could all change 100 times over!!

70’s - Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (this is NOT going to go down well here!!)

The 80’s is so difficult. Millions of brilliant songs.
Wham! - Everything She Wants
SOS Band - Just Be Good To Me
FGTH - Two Tribes

90’s - Oasis - Acquiesce

00’s - Electric Soft Parade - Silent To The Dark

10’s - Taylor Swift - Style

20’s - Press Club - Cancelled

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Welcome to the 50 club! Yes, we’re all a bit creakier but it’s still better than the alternative.

My question to you is: if you were granted the ability to teleport ten tonnes of jelly to any time and place in history, where would you send it?

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The DiS Scorpio '73 list grows!!

Worst…not being able to play 11 a side footie!

Best…another year closer to retirement, free flu jab, I can join the seniors team at my golf club

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Happy Birthday!

None of us who’ve met you think you look 50 - what is the secret to your youthful appearance?