It's my Friday and now it's also YOUR Friday Morning (2019-06-28)

Radio stations called Absolute NNs are going to have a problem next year

I mean:
Absolute 80s
Absolute 90s

I guess then you get Absolute Noughties which is just on the cusp.

But for this deacde: “Absolute Teens” sounds really really :grimacing:

What will they do?


Good evening theo


Do they really call this decade the Teens? I Don’t believe you

I have no idea what they call this decade. But that’s what I mean.

We called it the nineteen-tens when discussing it in history I seem to recall whereas after that it would just be the twenties, the thirties, etc.

So these would be the twenty-tens but it’s a mouthful and Absolute Twenty-Tens sounds pretty weak too.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Matt Berry comes up with i suppose.

I for one am VERY excited for the prospect of a radio station that plays ted sheeran every day

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That post reads even better when combined with your user avatar image.

Really looking forward to them lunching that one, tbh.


Baby has been asleep since about 3 and I feel incredible for it. WFH again anyway as I can’t be arsed with the commute while my manager is on holiday and the folks I’m working with are based in that London. Hoping I might get a climb in this evening.


Big day today. Big big day. It’s the battle of your girl @Rarity and that dastardly villain @anon19035908 in drag down knockout brawl to end it all. Who will you be cheering for?

  • Rarity, the smartest girl in all the land
  • Rarity, the maiden fair with perfect hair
  • Rarity, who’s kindness is legendary
  • Rarity, the most fabulous and stylish one, such pizazz!
  • The Spinmaster, because he is a stinky butt and I love the smell of stink from butts ooh just let me get a nice whiff

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You can’t handle the heat Funky cause I be BRINGING THE THUNDER :cloud_with_lightning:


Ah, the French flag, famously linked with winning fights :wink:


Also linked with the most well known example of guillotining the ruling class :smirk:


Wait, surely if I want legendary kindness I call on Fluttershy? We all know what happens when you ask the wrong pony to do something

The “frostbite over their sunburns” bit gets me every time! :smiley:

I am in work an hour early so I can take advantage of the shredders in here while the office is empty. Have a fucking load of admin to do which might distract from my ultimate goal of finishing the Frank Sinatra biography today.

Check out Master Splinter over here!


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Just did battle with the biggest most vile looking moth, managed to get it out of the window but not without me prancing round the room like a terrified child. If this is an indication of how today is going to go then I am not excited.


Oh my god! I woke up this morning to a Facebook friend request from a very fit and lovely Italian man I met in Switzerland 4 months ago… He added me on Instagram then but I have no idea why he randomly decided to add me months later??? Fanny flutters!!

Today one of my colleagues is getting married and we have a company half day except because of the conference everyone’s treating it as a full day off because we are all “working from home” in the morning. Can’t wait to get fully styled up and catch up on Love Island!! This weekend should be bomb


I’m a little bit confused as to how bringing thunder is is going to aid you in this situation. If @anon19035908 truly can’t handle the heat, surely cooling things down is going to be to his benefit, which just seems like the worst kind of game plan.


Gotta keep things interesting I guess.