Its my friday thursday thread

adopts noddy holder pose



Ps i now declare all winters OVER


Turns out it’s not a public holiday here tomorrow, I discovered last night :disappointed:
But we get the day off anyway! :joy:

Which is lucky as I have a dental appointment and a meeting with the bank to learn about Dutch mortgages tomorrow. Tonight I’m hosting some event in Eindhoven. No idea what it involves, all I know is I need to wear a white shirt (which I have remembered to pack) and it’s paid. Hope they don’t think I speak any Dutch.

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Sorry to hear this :frowning:

I’m gonna be in Amsterdam a lot more in the next few weeks, would be good to meet up again!

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Got tomorrow and Monday off! Yeeeeah!

Have some sesame chicken leftovers for lunch and I’m getting the bus to Dublin straight after work to go and see the Altered Hours. Can’t wait to smash some bus cans.

I’ve called in sick for the first time in 6 years. Feel like a total failure.

Anyway back to bed.

Would anyone like to have a BEER with ME in THAT LONDON this EVENING

Yes, but unfortunately it’s not convenient for me.


morning all

turns out getting up 15 mins late and taking 45 mins to eat breakfast means you end up running late. who knew? will still probably be the first in the office though so nm.

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Hello all.

WFH so still in bed obv, unfortunately the builders next door decided today they’d be super punctual.

Spent last night talking with lots of senior membere of staff about how our department isn’t doing enough (read: nothing) about the institutionalised male dominated nature and inherent sexism of physics. Hopefully we may have actually gotten through a bit. Was super pissed off then got home to this steaming pile of Cabbage which drove me up the wall - sorry if I offended anyone there, wasn’t in the best mood.

Have a great day dis :slight_smile:

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Big up JC for the days off, absolute top lad dying for our sins and that.


Germs are such dicks

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I think you’d be happy to die a bit if you knew you had the Kingdom of Heaven waiting for you in the eternal afterlife.

Regular Matthews, Marks and Johns like us don’t have that privilege.

I have nine hours of teaching before my Thursday night beer. I am starting to hope none of them turn up.

The park was fucking Baltic this morn

JC must’ve forgotten then cos what’s all the ‘my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ business all about?

I have fucking loads of things to do and not enough time to do them

  • take library book back
  • take a return to the post office
  • bits from Superdrugs
  • go to the pharmacy and see if they’ll honor my partially-fulfilled prescription from a couple of months back, they took the slip from me so fuck knows
  • WORK
  • submit my bike ride route for audax points (still haven’t even decided if I’ll ride tomorrow or Saturday)


Real vibe of Easter’s Eve in here today, almost no one is in and anyone who could give me in to trouble for skiving is off.

I have been out of the office for a few days with a dodgy belly, and chanced it by taking the bus in. went well, no pooped pants.


Got the first good night’s sleep in weeks last night and the roads were a bit clearer because of Easter, so it’s been a better start to the day than the last few.

I’m also looking forward to Easter a bit more. There was a bit too much visiting family / having family visit, and not enough relaxing, but I’ve managed to scale that down a little bit now.

and Keiths…


Not sure if it’s a dress down day today or not so I’m just going to hide in my office all day and wee in the bin.