It's National Carvery Day!


Anyone having a carvery today? Don’t think I will be - not had one in ages tbh.




I don’t think they give you enough food sometimes at a carvery and also I think it’s usually not very nice


Bit rubbs aren’t they? Also, so much better and cheaper when they’re made at home.


Can def be good, have had good ones for sure. But it’s a bit like fish n chips in that most are shit and you have to be lucky


This is the sad and disappointing truth of the Carvery


Think fish and chips normally has a better hit rate


Nobody has ever had a roast dinner in a pub/restaurant that has been anywhere near the standard of a home cooked one

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never been to or eaten a carvery


i think i want to live where you live then, coz that is DEF not my experience


not exactly sure what one is
is it like a roast? i was raised on soups and stews


the key this is having ‘stations’ for the food. meat station.


(but then, my GF is a chef so…)


this is VERY false, but you certainly gotta pay for a goodun


mine is a filmstar supermodel firewoman




Oi, no professionals


most recently had one back in my home county, and what was specifically good was that they were obv using big ovens so the yorkies were massive, but also the taters were in duck fat, they had red cabbage as one of the veg, incredible beef, horseradish sauce, carrots seasoned mega well. Was amazin


I’m pleased that you had such a lovely experience


Outside of London