It's National Carvery Day!

better than Carvery. Any pizza>sad,overcooked roast
Pizza hut lunchtime buffet is about £9 or something now, used to be about £5 #inflation #alldreamsdie

google says £6.99…sure my one said more

I thought about how “it’s impossible to make pizza bad” and I think the Hut (Pizza Hut that is) is the closest anyone has come to achieving it and it also costs a fortune.

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Dominos blows the Hut (Pizza Hut that is) out of the water

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Hello Epimer, I hope it brings you some degree of happiness to learn that I hate crumble-based desserts.

Had a dream that they turned my local library into a big Pizza Hut

Any amateur Siggy Freuds care to explain that?

Would prefer to eat in a Toby Carvery than a Frankie and Benny’s, TFI Fridays or Chiquitos.

If I was capable of experiencing happiness then I believe it would, yes.

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A funny comedic premise might be a library that was midway through a conversion into a Hut (Pizza Hut that is) and the building was having to operate as both simultaneously whilst work was being completed.

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It may interest you to know that these were literally the three other available options that led to me going to the Hut (Pizza Hut that is) on Saturday.

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Done by xylo. Off to exile for me.

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You made the right choice.

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we are very different people @HotBeefTrauma!
I’m a sucker for an american numberplate nailed to a wall! might go TGI this weekend for their endless appetizers!

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could do with a plum crumble later

fuck…really want a pizza hut and then crumble and custard :frowning:

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“I’m looking for a copy of The Client by John Grisham please”
“And is that with a deep-pan, Italian or stuffed crust?”


You have to use the dewey decimal system to locate the menus :rofl::rofl::rofl: