It's National Carvery Day!


Yikes I’m not a farmer jordan


Took my American brother in law to a (Toby) Carvery (because Im kind and generous) and he wont stop going on about it, and how it’d clean up in the USA.

Also, apparently Gammon (the meat) is not a thing over there


yeah i can see this being an american favourite. you only have to visit an Arby’s to understand their intense love of piled meats




it was a rare situation though i won’t lie. a lot of roasts get something crucial like the gravy totally wrong




cover it in horsey sauce


Yeah, they think of gravy as an afterthought when in actual fact it’s probably the most important factor, the idiots.


Toby Carvery is probably the worst ‘restaurant’ I can think of. Awful


exactly this. EXACTLY this. You start with your gravy consistency as being the focus of the entire meal and build all the component parts to it


I went to a Pizza Hut on Saturday…


better than Carvery. Any pizza>sad,overcooked roast
Pizza hut lunchtime buffet is about £9 or something now, used to be about £5 #inflation #alldreamsdie


i love this series so very much


google says £6.99…sure my one said more


I thought about how “it’s impossible to make pizza bad” and I think the Hut (Pizza Hut that is) is the closest anyone has come to achieving it and it also costs a fortune.


i like a hut takeaway but much like dominos you just have to remember it’s not really pizza at all


Dominos blows the Hut (Pizza Hut that is) out of the water



Hello Epimer, I hope it brings you some degree of happiness to learn that I hate crumble-based desserts.


Had a dream that they turned my local library into a big Pizza Hut

Any amateur Siggy Freuds care to explain that?