it's nearly 9, where is the Wednesday thread

oh, here it is - sup huns?

just found out I won’t have to switch roles at work to a more stressful/busier job for the same pay - so that’s a good start to the day

pub quiz later for the first time in ages, knackered though so might be a casual one pint night


Thank goodness.

Off to the office, which I especially don’t like doing now that my office space is so sick and I love it so much. Got our summer party later so might get to leave office early!

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oh finally

I’m on a coach down to see FL, which is nice


I’ve lost my glasses. Properly. I’m certain that I had them on Monday when I went to the shop but i can’t find them anywhere and I’m terrified

I’m meant to have gone to Bristol already for work but I can’t go without my glasses and I just can’t think where they could possibly be and im really really upset and spiralling

No comedy answers please


Back from Cornwall, so we’ve already had a Sainsburys delivery this morning, and obviously we forgot half the things we needed. But answer me this - who really needs washing up liquid?

Anyway, we’re meant to be out for dinner later, but babysitters are letting us down left right and centre :grimacing:


Oi oi

Late shift today, so a chilled morning washing up listening to tunes.

is there an opticians nearby? I lost my glasses on a night out in uni and can’t function without them, but managed to get some cheap/quick fix ones the next day at a specsavers (after a risky walk there when i was just blindly running across roads and hoping i survived)

you can’t do work without them so don’t focus on that part for now, that’ll have to wait until you have your glasses back or another solution to seeing properly




Busy reliving horrendous memories of golden retrievers trying it on with me throughout my childhood.

Meant to be in the office but how its possible when summer childcare means I’d get in after 10 and have to leave at 4 is beyond me. Refusing to work the extra hours in the evening or get in toruble for arriving after core hours so just gping to get in trouble for wfh and maximising my time instead like a pure rotter.

happy birthday!


Happy Birthday @rob.orch :birthday::gift::partying_face::tada::star:



Shit sleep. Kept waking up. Went for an early(ish) morning bike ride to see the steampunk bull

Got back just before it poured down which was nice.

Need to go and pick up a prescription I ordered about 2 weeks ago but keep forgetting about. Definitely going to get it today. Definitely. Not much else in the plans for today.


Found them. They had, god knows how, fallen down the tiny hole in my desk which wires go through and tangled up in all the wires in the platform underneath the wire hole so they weren’t visible looking under the desk

Half a fucking hour of my life and I’m sweaty and stressed. Great way to start the day.

At least it wasn’t somewhere obvious i suppose


If you’re already late I’d say take 15-20 mins to chill out and relax again, worth it to avoiding carrying the stress through into the start of the day

Would supermarket off the shelf readers do for now?

Oh just seen this is resolved, sorry! Can recommend you a good place to get 2 for 1 glasses from £15 for the future!

bathroom is in the middle of being replaced which is no fun. they’ve left us a toilet but with no seat, and ripped everything else out. was a relief to be in the office yesterday and also a relief that my office has showers. never used them before but quite handy as it turns out.

somehow the builders have let the pipe to the toilet leak again which has just started dripping through the kitchen roof, again. the kitchen roof that they repaired only weeks ago because it leaked a few months ago. lovely.

I’ve found them now, they were tangled up in the wires under my desk but there’s a platform that hides them from view when you look underneath!

It’s long distance I have issues with, hence not having used them since Monday

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Working from home as is my GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DO SO

Really need a pound coin so i can finally wash my clothes from the festival - they STINK!!! £1 coins are unnecessarily hard to come by these days huh? The damp smell is making working from home kinda stink HEH.

Otherwise nowt planned until Pride where I plan to raid my nearest Aldi and stock up on budget fake ass Strongbow, Brewdog, Stella, Kronenberg and avoid any and all bars

I love the pseudo packaging in Aldi - one of my fav things in fact. Especially the Kronenberg can which is so cheeky that I cant help but admire it.

they just pulled up outside my house in their van so i went and opened the front door for them, but…they seem to have driven off again


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Drank way WAY too much for a Tuesday evening, did Ironic on karaoke.