It's not barn owl, it's banal (brought to you in association with

the shameless gloating that I’m clocking off in half hr)

plans tonight, penoids?

I’m toying with asking that gal out again but also sorta don’t want to bug her

just gonna sit inside all night.

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most people do really, albeit different insides sometimes


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gonna get fucking leathered and hopefully fall over now.

early contender for worst day 2018.


ngggh it’s a good hair day but no reply on the beat literature yet, might’ve poisoned the well

Meeting a friend from home for a couple after work. Then NOTHING. Like the idea of doing a PTA film season in our flat but not sure which order to do it in.

if it’s any consolation today has been mildly better after a week of constant suicidal urges so i can guarantee that days sometimes feel different

Pals en route. Will drink wine and eat some chicken filled with boursin wrapped in parma ham with linguine with vine tomatoes and asparagus.

I wasn’t expecting linguine to be in this dish. Sounds gr8888 though

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It’s gooooood. The chicken is sliced and then sits atop the linguine.

that’s grand man, hope it continues.

cheers for the pep talk but lost 3 months wages worth of tools and money for fixing locks. gonna be radge for many weeks to come.

nay insurance?
does car insurance even cover items inside?

nope, the tools were in my garage and that wasn’t covered. got a £500 excess on the motor so locks are on me. fucked it.

Blatantly not going to see Boris, am I.

tell him I said hi

I would pal but I’m not going to see him.

Drinking a beer because why not

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(why not, cba?)


what did you actually say?