It's not Christmas yet Thread

Here’s a thread for complaining about Christmas stuff you see when it’s still only November.

Exhibit a, spotted in the office this morning:


Mate, Buble is on in our house, just let it wash over you.

It’s my other half’s birthday in the second week of December. Christmas doesn’t start until after that in our house (Although we have had an advent calendar up from the 1st since Jimbo’s been about).

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Nothing to contribute, thankfully, but wanted to say I am also part of the Humbug crew.

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Are we doing DiSmas Santa this year…?

I’m not bah humbug - I’m all for Christmas once it is Christmas - but Christmas day is still more than six weeks away.

So glad I grew up in a house that didn’t put the decorations up until the 24th December. Since I moved out, it’s changed to whatever day I get back (usually the 20 somethingth)

Ordered this at the weekend…



Then ahm oot.

yes it is!

I have monthly folders on Spotify for new releases. Stuck this in the December one, it’s going to be a nice treat finding it in a few weeks (until I actually listen to it)

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Alright, Roy Wood and Wizzard

will he be in the next graveyard show?


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this picture is horrifying. it looks like the christmas tree is lurking, ready to pounce

I quite like humbugs, they get a bad (w)rap.