It's not Monday morning yet


Science has proven this

I’m 84 percent awake, have fed tiny lamb and the cats and sent the latter on their merry way to find me a percent symbol. The light is off again though …not quite ready to get up and get after it

Are you also awake at this strange hour.


I am a wake

I’ll bring some sandwiches



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Hi. Been at work since 6. Pretty sleepy. Last day in then off for the rest of the week

On leave but awake, stupid body clock, ate so much shite this weekend.

Couldn’t sleep because my eczema is driving me nuts. Not seeing a doctor until Thursday. It’s going to be a productive week.

Why do you have the adorable angelic tiny lamb? If you’ve talked everyone through this elsewhere, feel free to point me in that direction

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Littlest one up at 6, bigger one up 20 minutes after so we have formed sofa club.

Back in the office after a weeks training, cba. Meant to be sitting an exam this week, need to knuckle down…

Morning team. That’s it, that’s all I’ve got I’m afraid.

Looks a bit Silent Hilly at the train station rn

When I wake up in the morning, love
And the sunlight hurts my eyes
And something without warning, love
Bears heavy on my mind

Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be
A lovely da-*sound of needle sliding off a record*


Genuinely thought this was spoilered.


It’s my latest album cover



By some miracle I got up early and did some exercise, feeling quite pleased with myself. Now enacting standard Frasier coffee bagel protocol (FCBP) and only slightly dreading work today.

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Not very nice outside


properly miserable today mates. feel like pure shit.

The fog I get, but the air raid siren and the ashes in the air? Wierd.

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Delays again due to those bloody pterodactyl things

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