It's not thursday evening

it’s wednesday evening

fao: @whiterussian @ericVI


This is really going to confuse everyone now

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dunno what i’m gonna have for dinner but i bought LOADS of asparagus on monday so probably something with asparagus

fingers crossed

Oh hello!

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i passively aggressively misspelled something earlier which was a particular high point

edit: passive aggressively?

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wr ccb’d us

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she cooked a lovely meal

He’s speaking the Panamanian lingo

I checked @Epimer’s watch, it’s not evening for another 42 minutes either.

someone had to step in cz, it was getting out of control

Close the thread for the next 40 mins imo

we could just not post for the next 39 minutes


I made pancakes for tea fao @cutthelights @japes @Unlucky


What are you having on them? And how do you get them so thick?

Stuffed crust

Get extra cheese added to the pizza then?

Where there’s a will there’s a way Kermit

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