It's not thursday evening

Bout to go and find out what today’s mystery lunch is, wish me luck

I wish it was Thursday evening.

Ridiculously busy day at work and I don’t finish until 8. Two weeks ago I had hardly any work to do and I mentioned that my workload was getting low, now everything seems to have been chucked at me with short deadlines. I should have kept quiet.

Fajitas for tea :+1:

Masterchef at 8pm :+1:

Early start tomorrow :-1:

Stopped work for dinner. Sausage pasta. Back to it at about 7 I guess.

oh man, massive horrible flashbacks to working in dominos there. those things were fuckin minging.

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nothing that bad i guess. think I just scunnered myself with them. when you get a free pizza for every shift you tend to go big. and they’re pretty sickly to start with…




That’s a real plate of nothin’ there my man.


Mmmm, onion and rice


Watching chipmunks movie for 100th time

Evening you fabulous bastards. Got the run of beard house so got a pizzer in the oven and some beers in the fridge. Watching Chris Gayle absolutely romp around the Kensington Oval.

Bought some iced top cake thingies from M&S for dessert. Will try and eat all 4.

And unsurprisingly we’ve run out of pot noodles

Which one? I’ve seen all four multiple times. We got Game Shakers on at the moment.

when was the last time you had any protein

Pretty miserable this evening and I am being left on my own :frowning.
Wish a friend would come round with a bottle of wine :frowning:



The first one. #pleasekillmenow

At least there are no chipettes in that one.

Also Dave has the same voice as Bob Odenkirk.

Really tarnishing the fond memories I have of the 80’s series

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