"It's not within my gift"

I’ve heard maybe three people use this phrase in the last couple of months, having never heard it before.

Have you heard anyone use this phrase recently / ever? Got any other phrases you’ve heard recently?

“I know you said you wanted a Scalextric but-”

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‘it’s not within my gift’ is the hill you’re willing to die on?

Never ever ever heard it before I started here a year ago. Every fucker in the management team uses it here. Hate it.

People are really leaning into “it’s not within my gift”

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As someone who has never encountered this, please could you provide a real world example?

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Shove it up your wheelhouse

If youre close to a target.

“It’s within our gift to achieve this”. Basically we can drive something to achieve a target

What is this utter fucking bollocks.


What’s the implication? That you’re all gifted? That if you achieved this then it’d be like receiving a gift?

Feels like a real stretch this one.

It’s something you can directly alter the result of, I suppose.

Shut up @allnerve

It is a really shit way of saying it’s within our power to achieve this goal

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Dear Santa,

All I want this year is something I can directly alter the result of, I suppose.

Kind regards,

Tiny Tim.


I wish I could, but I refer you to my post on the daily thread

(I’m very bored)

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have we reached peak leaning into “it’s not within my gift” ?

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that ones been around for ages

Corbyn used it when Owen Smith proposed he become president of the Labour Party:

In an interview with BBC Newsnight, however, Corbyn rubbished the job offer and highlighted the procedural changes that would be necessary for even the creation of the role.

“Owen Smith has offered me unopposed election to a job that doesn’t exist.

“I don’t want to be president of the party, I’m not even sure we should have a president of the party. What’s a president for? It sounds to me a bit like a director of football. So no.

“The creation of a position of president of the party would actually require a rule change, and a constitutional change. It’s not in his gift to offer unopposed election to anything – unless he has some control over the whole electorate that I haven’t been told about.”

That’s it, I’m voting Tory.

I’ve never heard it but I’d be willing to bet £50 somebody in my department says it before the end of the year.

When I was in Utrecht I wanted to show my partner around the new underground bike parking facility at the central station. When we arrived the guy at the entrance asked to see our passes (or something similar), but we explained we just wanted to have a look around. He then said “sure, I can smell that”. We’ve asked Dutch and English-speaking friends if this is a saying but nobody else has heard of it.

We’ve since started introducing into our lexicon and using it in a kind-of “it doesn’t matter to me” or “I have no preference” or “go right ahead” way.