"It's not within my gift"

Yeah, people use that all the time in my work environment.

weird flex but ok

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are you using it like “i can dig it”

“fancy going to the place round the corner after this round?”
“sure. I can smell that.”

‘never look a gift horse in the mouth’

What the hell is that about??

Looking forward to Utrecht station not just being some big building site

Tbh I’m using it for anything at the moment until it catches on, then I narrow down a definition for it

You can tell how old a horse is or what its condition is or something by looking in its mouth, therefore it’s not polite (to the person gifting you it) to look it in the mouth.

Have a cycle around the bike park next time you’re there - it’s incredible!

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isn’t this what purview is for.

Like, that’s the only sentence in the English language you can use the word purview in and they’ve fucked it.

(Except for the above sentence that I just typed, don’t you dare!)


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People are saying “It’s not within my gift” and DiS can’t cope


Reeto - so the phrase means don’t turn down any free stuff even if it’s really shite junk?

That’s rubbish

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it’s a good phrase for a good thing imho.

I would like to register that I do not endorse the use of “within my gift” but hear it approximately 4 times a day.

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I’m quite enjoying “I can smell that” might start using it


Not my circus, not my monkeys


Check out these things that are within my gift - number five will shock you!



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