It's now been exactly 37 years since Jerry Seinfeld last vomited

According to Seinfeld canon.

didn’t he vomit after that cookie when they were going to the dinner party

Going by this thread I’m almost certain that ant has never seen an episode of Seinfeld.

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Happy anniversary!


40 years, wow


His manwich!

I didn’t know this

You should have logged in to three years ago

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That’s because it is wrong.

While they wait, Jerry eats a black-and-white cookie, on which he bases theories on race relations. They have to wait for Kramer and George to pick them up. The cookie causes Jerry to end the non-vomit streak he has held since June 29, 1980.


Oh yeah

I knew I smelled bullshit

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I noted this first

I’m not here to steal your credit but then you bowled in here celebrating the anniversary like nothing was wrong… when there was very much something wrong.

I feel like I’m uncovering something here that I’m not sure I want to but it is probably very important that I do.

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I was celebrating th anniversary of Ant being made to look like a fool with his inaccuracy, sorry should’ve made that clear

Now that is something to celebrate!


Haha! Plenty of opportunities for that as well, right!

For those interested my longest streak was from Jay’s party of the century, summer 1999, (a mix of booze finished off with a bottle of red and some mad reefer) until a bout of norovirus in 2016. I haven’t been sick since.

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I haven’t been sick since January 2008

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last vomit:

  • vomiting rn
  • today
  • this week
  • this month
  • this year
  • with the last year
  • last 5
  • last 10
  • never vomited
  • dunno

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