It's October 3rd

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Morning Gonad.
Off to Amsterdam this afternoon for a meeting tomorrow. CBA.
Weekend was great fun but tiring - good thing I’ve got a three day week, eh?
Went to see Stars Of The Lid yesterday evening. Excellent show :slight_smile:

I renewed my car insurance

£50 saving a month

kiss my asshole

I’ll start work in about 10 minutes. Just having a lukewarm coffee at the hospital canteen. Crap day ahead which is expected.

I wouldn’t call myself a fan but I’ve got a ticket for Fatboy Slim playing a gig at an Oxfam shop in Dalston this evening. Should be slightly odd but fun.

Have a good day whatever you’re up to.

Morning everyone. First day working from Singapore office today which means it’s already afternoon for me, mwuhaha. Enjoying this place so far.

my diary has today marked as a holiday,@gonad. fancy that.

guess this has been sabotaged by daily threaders. so… this morning i woke myself up by having a panic attack after a particularly nasty anxiety dream. need to be okay today but feel sick and my chest hurts so much, urgh. crap day already.

CBA with work today.

saw fuckyeahdubstep and Tilly saturday. both lovely, lovely eggs despite thinking I was about 10 years older than I am.

think I might grow a big Ol hairy moustache

“How could I make myself look younger? Hmmm… MOUSTACHE!”

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At a fantastically dull work conference, mostly collecting business cards and marketing nonsense. I’ve had worse Mondays.

Only put 1 contact lens in this morning for some reason and have no others on me

I’m super late for work. I haven’t even got on the train yet.


Morning. Still not quite over whatever stupid bug I had last week. Felt wiped out all weekend. Back to about 90% today.

Got the final rounds of a Netrunner tournament tonight. I’m top seed going in, so only need to win two games to get the prize I want. COME ON!

Loads and loads of work to get through this week. Not really up to it, tbh, but I suppose that’s why they pay me.


Off to see a preview of Ken Loach’s new film tonight.


Weird weekend. On one hand we managed to have a lovely time - went out for dinner last night, took our oldest to her first football game on Saturday afternoon, went for a nice walk on Old Hunstanton beach.

On the other hand: my stepmum has been having treatment for cancer for the past year. We found out on Friday night that the tumour has grown and spread to a stage where it’s now inoperable, and the prognosis is “weeks, rather than months”. Had to break the news to our children on Saturday morning. I lost my mum to cancer when I was 18 and so, yeah it’s pretty tough at the moment.

Still got a cold, feel proper shit. Got back to Sheffield at half midnight after seeing the NFL at wembley and meeting yer mans umlaut, brusma and kenako.
Football tonight

Fucking love Mean Girls, might have to watch that tonight.

Start a new job today, so that’s cool innit. Bikes n’ shit. :bicyclist:

I totally can’t be fucked

Proper chilly[/spoiler] this morning! Had a pretty safe weekend, got proper pished at Kingston Rowing Club on saturday night. Now quite tired after watching the [spoiler]Ryder Cup for most of yesterday.

Got absolutely drenched when[/spoiler] cycling [spoiler]on Saturday. In true DiS style my iPhone has spent the best part of the weekend in a bowl of rice. The power button is fucked but the phone still works so a bit of a win there.

Hoping to make a good[/spoiler] thread [spoiler]today after I’ve done fucking about making this post spell out THIS IS NOW THE CYCLING THREAD.


i had to cancel :frowning2:
i’m potentially in the background of three different scenes. poosie knows the dog, which i’m most jealous about.

I’m sorry to hear that mate. Having been through something similar in the past year, I know how impossibly hard it is. Let me know if you ever want a chat.