It's Only Bloomin' Monday!

Apparently it’s Monday. What are you lovely folk up to today? I’ve got a hospital appointment a 8:30 to have a look at my broken elbow, great start to the week.

Morning fka_shiggs

'Sup Rich, how’s it going? Are you working today?

I am indeed. Busy busy busy. Hope the elbow us ok

Oh mate, hope the hordes take it easy on you. Sure the arm will be fine, can’'t get much worse!

Did you bugger it doing a McTwist?

Save it for Thursday

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Ha, I wish, off balance doing a kick turn to avoid a pothole. Rubbish.

Totally CBA.

Last Monday before I drop to 4 day weeks.
Baby awake at 5:45 again - don’t love this routine.

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Things are already so bad and I have no way out of here. Great.

Ouch. Hope it’s not too buggered. My dad fell off a skimboard a few years ago and required surgery on his elbow :grimacing:


Going in to hospital for my first infusion since lockdown began. I’m more than a little apprehensive - not because of the infusion though (I’m used to those) - it’s just the thought of being in hospital at this time.

(almost certainly being irrational)

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I was concerned about that too, but when I went last week the level of the controls and distancing measures they ha in place was really reassuring.

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morning all :wave:

got up an hour early this morning by mistake cos we put the alarm on the old, actually going outside to work time instead of the new, just rolling into a different room to work time. could have done with that extra sleep :yawning_face:

think I will spend today actually working?

Thanks for the reassurance. Logically, if anywhere is going to be adhering to precautionary measures, it’s going to be hospital. I’m just being illogical.

Delivery driver arrived at 7:30 :sleeping:

Morning all

Actually got up and got going like a normal day today, whatever those were. Didn’t go and lie down on the couch and fall asleep so I am now ready to shower and play with LEGO way earlier than normal.

Got a bunch of work to do as well. Boooo.

I miss getting breakfast from somewhere other than my kitchen. That’s probably truthfully the thing I miss the most.


It’s understandable why you are apprehensive.
My nephew had his monthly infusion for his crohns a couple of weeks back.

My sister made sure he was covered up, before and after and the protocols in the hospital were very strict and adhered to.

Good luck