It's Only Bloomin' Monday!

Going to work in a minute. Probably be busy again. Really cannot wait until 5pm tomorrow.

Last night shift done. Off until Friday now.

Gonna have a cup of tea and some eggy crumpets. Might take the dog for a walk and then have a few hours bed, or might go to bed and take the dog this afternoon.

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Gonna have a no caffeine day.

Good luck coffee boy

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Did 10km run, had toast and coffee… now work. :expressionless:

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And good morning everyone of course :grin:

Friendship with coffee ended
Rooibos is my new best friend


Today, would have been heading up to Giants Causeway.


Have my first proper lockdown hangover today, friend’s birthday Zoom turned into several hours of drinking, wigs and shots. I may have taken my top off at one point.

Should have been seeing Protomartyr tonight.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Never heard etc.

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A succesful experiment. Will definitely try again.


Morning all!!!

Hardcore spin sesh. Coffee. Work (from home).

Big up everyone going out into the world to work today :heart::raised_hands:


Morning all.

Tested out what lockdown has done to my general fitness by carting boxes of books and other assorted possessions around for a couple of days over the weekend.

The verdict: Not so good.

So very, very tired. Saturday was particularly challenging in the heat.

Today is just more of the same from the last couple of weeks at work.


I cannot get through a film in one sitting at the mo, keep falling asleep. Very annoying

I have WFH work today, should be fine. Main goal is to get out for a bike as today seems to be the last dry day of the week

And yes that was for @Berrrk only!


Right, going to smash through my work this week, I also want to apply for another job I saw over the weekend. LET’S DO THIS.


Wondering if my Ikea delivery will get here today (one full week after the plan), or indeed ever

I really need somewhere to go :frowning:

I ordered for them to deliver stuff to me when I first moved into my flat. Considering the size of their logistics operation, it was one of the most shambolic things I’ve ever experienced.

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