It's Only Bloomin' Monday!

Ahh fuck not more of this shit.


Think it’s honestly the post that’s fucking up here to be fair. It’s been sent to the post office rather than to my house twice.

Looks like I’m gonna get surgerised on Wednesday!

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“Monday.” Monday. MONday. MonDAY!

Nah, never heard of it. :thinking: :no_entry: :no_good_man: :calendar:


Probably Should: Phone my GP about my ear infection.
Probably Will Do: Ride a bike, post on here, ignore ear.

Just found a pork pie in my dressing gown pocket. Smells fine. Probably OK isn’t it?



Well, at least you won’t be waiting for it and hopefully that means a smoother recovery :crossed_fingers:

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Today is the worst day of the year, my wife’s birthday.

This is the best sentence I’ll read all day.


Good morning friends,

FB has just informed me that this was my ‘most liked photo of 2014’

Nice to be reminded of precious memories.

Can I have a cheese and cucumber bap for breakfast? The baps need to be eaten!

  • You can do whatever you damn well want! :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Cheese and cucumber is not appropriate breakfast fare :no_entry_sign:

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Today -
Walk :white_check_mark:
Put a wash on, play Super Mario, exercise, shower, chores, make lunch, read, take bday card and rockyRs to BFs, cook dinner, watch TV, snuggle.

It’s my preferred outcome, tbh. If you’re going to break something, do it hard enough that they want to put it back together instead of waiting for it to heal, I guess? Idk, probably best not to break yourself in the first place.


I’d love some baps in the morning!

Just went to take the first slurp of a fresh mug of tea, and I’d forgotten to take the spoon (or bag out), and spoon went up my nostril. It’s not even Thursday!

Cucumber is never appropriate.

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Did a 10 minute kettle bell workout. Also just had a coffee with double cream and I found this little cup at the back of the cupboard so now it’s my special coffee cup. So cute.

Back on the online courses for the rest of the day. I’ve booked myself on to some zoom courses provided by our local early years trainers, which sound really good. But today I have to finish one on sexual exploitation. :pensive:

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is this french toast crumpets?

is that what this is?

  • today (one full week after the plan)
  • indeed ever
  • indeed never

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Realised I had crumpets that I forgot about, absolute result

Oh mate. Good luck


like to pretend people are in their kitchens twirling round in circles as fast as they can when they talk about spin sessions


I’m going to hazard a guess that that pie was made the day after Are You Listening? festival 2014 and I was treating the symptoms of a severe hunger with with some medical grade moaning.

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Listening to Crestfallen @ericVI’s Dawnwalker. It’s actually brilliant and I’m going to buy it now. Mortified at all the opportunities I’ve had to be in this band but diaries haven’t quite worked out.

A lot of work this week so gonna try not to be on here quite so much? Will that happen? Probably no.

Very very sleepy today tbh

Actually will hold out on purchase until Friday as it’s no fee day on bandcamp and I want our boy to get all the funds.