It's only flippin' Friday

Rain is here this weekend just as school holidays begin

V is out of isolation and off out for the day which is great as he has been going mad stuck in

I am off to work for ONE LAST DAY

Friday bangers and news please


Probably have some Linda Macs for lunch


Hi Slicks!

I’m going camping in Somerset!

Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills (Official Video) - YouTube banger for tax


Sausages? Usual or the red onion? In a sandwich? With sauce??

Nice! Whereabouts?? Please wave as you pass the Chippenham area.

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Bangers! Rosemary and red onion!! Sandwich!!! Ketchup!!!

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Thanks!! I am so glad to see the exclamations :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Porlock near Minehead :grinning:


Morning everyone

Ended up staying out all day after my beach yoga class yesterday - met my friend on the beach for a swim and then did a seafood pub lunch (The Urchin for swanky Hove Dissers ) and a few more afternoon beers, then met another friend in the evening


No beach planned today, going to Lewes for a lunch date then maybe I might actually do a proper bike ride this week

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took today off purely for a swim at the beach
gonna look like a mug if the weather’s shit


It’ll be grand! Going to get wet anyway huh??

Quite jealous of people who can take a day off here and there. Until I remember I’m now off for 5 and a half weeks :muscle:

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Morning all :wave:

Working from home today. Then driving to Devon tonight.

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Morning Slicky, all,

Woke up and had to close the window as it was cool, amazes me how quick the weather can change!

Just put some croissants in the oven for breakfast, the coffee pot is on and i’m starting work as need finish this presentation before 9.30am which I have left to last minute as is on brand.

Here’s my Friday banger…

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This weather’s been terrible for my guts and ass.

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We were there a week ago! It’s lovely. Also, at Holnicote nearby they have an ACTUAL BABY BEAVER


Friday Night Curry is back on the menu



Scan at 12.20

Nothing much else to report

I’m going to Dorset tomorrow so probably need to pack for that huh


it’s Flexi time so if you stay longer than your required time you can take time off when you please

it’s pretty great.

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Currently 14 degrees here.

Absolute bliss.

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Good morning!

A bit cooler and fresher last night, first time I’ve had a good sleep for about 2 weeks.

A bit cooler and fresher this morning too, so managed to take the dog further than the top of the road and back. Our walk featured this mysterious twig dangling in mid air:

Might mow the lawn/might not
Might go for a bike/might not

Working this afternoon.