It's only Friday bloody night!

Hi everyone. Got an absolute smorgasbord for tea.will post pics imminently.

What a reveal


Wish Mr Blobby would get the clap tbh

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I don’t, because that implies the existence of Mr Bobby’s genitals.


i’m making something relatively persian (ish) tonight. have been marinading chicken in sumac, zataar, red onion, lemon and garlic all day. canny wait.


marinading meat 48 hours in advance of a bbq is:

  • good thinking
  • pointless, 24 hrs will do

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Wouldn’t know


Never heard it c-etc


Who what where now? Did some decent marinading for a BBQ the other day, turned out well.

Might force down a beer or two, I mean it’s not like I want or need them of course, in front of the telly once the wee man is in bed which is extremely imminent.


Zoom quiz shortly. Someone will ask me a geography question, I won’t know the answer, we’ll both die a little inside.

I’m gonna put away a lot of cider tonight, I can feel it.

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A horror movie, a tunnocks caramel wafer or two, maybe another horror movie, beers.

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Mental health’s taken an absolute nose dive that last day or so, feels like a proper depressive episode coming on.

Hi mates, rough week at work so I have opened the ‘medicated’ chocolate a pal got me for Christmas and had a couple of squares. Eating onion rings and listening to Raekwon. Oh boy this could be a slippery slope.

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exactly the same, man. could barely get out of bed today.

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Went to Blaise, 10-15 min drive which I feel guilty about, but it’s the first walk I’ve had in months where I’ve been able to fully social distance.

It was beautiful and my head feels clear now.


Good evening!

Had pizza, having beer.

Tetris and Deerhoof and then the main event at nine with the Low live stream :+1:


Had delicious veggie bolognese for dinner.

Wondering if a chai will be enough to satisfy my choc craving.

  • Of course not

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Somebody collect her please she’s out of control.