It's only Friday bloody night!

Need to remember to put the garden waste out before I go to bed as it’s the first and only time it’s being collected since lockdown. Think that’s about as exciting as it’ll get tonight.

Got leftover pie, mash, peas and gravy. And a beer.


evening all :wave:

had hot dogs for dinner, weren’t great tbh and now I feel disgustingly full and slightly ill as a result.

dunno what to do this evening. might go water my lawn for the first time in like a year? and then???

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what are those rollitos on the right, man?

ooh, what are the crisps like? my mum sent me a picture of the whole range of this restaurant flavour crisps, but I’ve never seen them in any shops I’ve been in let alone had any

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Had some jollof rice and vegie hotdogs, green beans for dinner. Nicer than it sounds.

Managed to order about 3 mega bags of salad by accident plus spinach and spring greens so the fridge is bulging…

Got a lovely wine.


CHORIZO and diablo cheddar!

The crisps are delicious. I’m dipping them in buffalo sauce too.


Why are the BBC one showing episodes of My Family from 20 years ago?


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You don’t approve?

don’t really have the energy to disapprove more than goblin emojis so, not really.


I’d be goblin’ it right up nom nom nom :drooling_face:


Baked pots, big beer, suitable Friday night film to be selected

Can just about handle that

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I have overestimated the amount of food I can eat

Craving snacks. Have no snacks.

Would share my snacks

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:evergreen_tree: :fire: :evergreen_tree: :fire:


The snack spirits have forsaken me. Should have listened to the snack oracle and bought more snacks before so as to not upset them.


had this pasta boiling for, no word of a lie, 15 minutes now and it’s not even nearly cooked

what the actual wtf

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