It's only Friday night!

Very happy about it tbh.

:grinning: Finished work early
:frowning: Got stuck behind a tractor so wasn’t that early getting home
:grinning: Got a load of free beers and scampi, calamari & chips for tea
:frowning: Very tired and drained
:grinning: Going to football tomorrow for the first time in 2.5 years and seeing my oldest pal.

What you got going on?



I’ve been so tired all day and just about managed to clean round the flat.

Just went out and bought loads of wanker beers because I’m having birthday drinks tomorrow.

Now back home and listening to


At the pub!
Going to a gig for the first time since you know what.

Town is rammed though :unamused:

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someone needs to tell me to stop drinking hot sauce out of the bottle :frowning:

Also forgot I drink much quicker when I’m by myself :no_mouth:

Who the hell told you to start?!?


my tastebuds

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Watching Smurfs 2. Eating pizza. Got colin the caterpillar for pudding (M’s friend is having a sleepover).

Tomorrow going to Bab for dinner then idk, any MME fancy some drinks tomorrow night?

World championship black pudding throwing competition on Sunday :smile:


They got you into this mess…

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Evening all!

We’re having this with some spiced roasted cauliflower:

I’m playing football in a bit and then maybe watching a film afterwards.


Help me decide on some meals to make this weekend. Made rotolo last time the TV was up, plus Canarian potatoes with mojo picon, and the Anna Jones double green pie and now I seem to have forgotten any other recipe.

Don’t want to faff about too much.

Ooo might make those potato and mango chutney “pasties”* again actually but still need a few more ideas.

(* quote marks for the benefit of @Funkhouser)

Evening all

Feeling a little bit edgy / nervous because of putting the house on the market - which is daft really. It’s also because I had more caffeine today than I should have done!

Gonna make tofu Pad Thai for dinner so that’s something. And watch a film. And try to bloody well relax!

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Having a Chinese takeaway, watching The Croods and drinking alcohol

Your house is lovely. I’ll take it!

Ah imagine if you moved to Norfolk! M and the Cheeksters could become friends!

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Wife has decided to have takeaway (so probably wagamamas because I’ve seen her browsing the menu). Eldest shit herself at nursery, so that is an accident ever day this week for her. Brilliant job mate. Back to work at 8am tomorrow so obviously probably going to have too many beers tonight👌

Going out for beer and tacos

Same. Not for the first time this year though.

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Must be the season for that sort of thing, following last weekend’s World Pea Throwing championships in Lewes

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Have a look at that recipe I posted up there☝️.

Definitely needs something on the side (spiced cauliflower in this case) and the lime pickle but it’s delicious. We used tinned green lentils and it reduced the cooking time loads.