It's only Friday night!

Just been to the fair. Being in a dodgem driven by a six year old isn’t an experience I want to repeat any time soon. There’s a very good reason why they say no head in bumping :grimacing:

Time for a beer now, to calm my nerves

Pasta for dinner in a bit


In Ramsbottom? They have had the most DIY ad campaign going along with that poster for Salford Red Devils outside Salford Central.

Had a pure c**t of a week. So gonna have a few beers to take the edge off. Just feel drained.

They sound so good they can be honorary pasties, as it’s you.

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See you on Monday!

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Gonna grab a burrito and one (1) x can of moderate strength pale lager, then commence a weekend of a whole bunch of stuff I need to sort out before going away next week. No work for two weeks though :muscle:

I think I’d actually be a bit scared if a DiSer moved to King’s Lynn. I’d be worried that they’d get here and think “what the fuck is this place, CCB is a bit odd, I’m not even enjoying the Hanseatic seafood platter”

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Evening. I am WFHing until 10 but at least the view’s nice and I’m listening to This Mortal Coil.


Heading out to see Simon Amstell thanks to the generous largess of @weeber - it’s at the De La Warr Pavilion too, so a lovely venue.

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Yeah although the steam train to get us back to bury ends at like 4.30 and it the pudding thing only starts at 4 :confused:

for some reason, “Richard Osman Bin Laden” came into my head and I find it much funnier than I can really explain


It’s pretty funny is why



Give him that beer right now you monster


My pleasure - enjoy!

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How do you do anything other than play with them all day?

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sweat, so much sweat.

Been putting up blinds for the last few hours. My windows are so high up I’m freaking out I’m going to fall through them. Every scenario is running through my head in a final destination type way.

i know it’s not a big deal but I’m finally comfortably using the drill my dad bought me so to me it feels like a step towards becoming a DIY legend. Yaaas.

If you don’t hear from me ever again it’s because I fell through my window :grimacing:


was doing exams for 4 hours all in today which has killed me. had to register and queue at 8am, was out at 12. fuck.

think I did well though, which is nice given I did absolutely no preparation beforehand.


they’re v lazy and sleep most of the day thankfully

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definitely a dutch rat.

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