It's only Friday night!

Having a quiet evening with the kids because tomorrow this legend makes his footballing debut for his local team. Massively excited for him and me :joy: go Gruff!!


quite a few international animals on here.

3 dutch rats
1x belgian cat
1x spanish cat
at least 1 french cat
a fair few irish cats
lots of english cats

don’t see many scottish cats around though. or welsh cats :thinking:

  • the dis pets have personalities matching the culture of their birth nations
  • pets are international

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You know when you’re toasting chilli flakes as part of your meal prep and you accidentally huff a whole load of the chilli smoke from the pan and you feel like you’re asphyxiating and you have you stick your head out of the window and take deep, long gulps of clean air?

That’s scary but fun.


Had really good vegan burgers, and now I’m going to play cowboy simulator while thinking about all the cool stuff I could - but crucially, won’t - be doing this weekend.

Hope the horse bollock physics are good.

@NeilYoung 's dogs are definitely american heroes.

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and a partridge in a pear tree! :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

Cutting down the booze tonight so just one bottle of wine. Opened to breathe for later.

After annoying ourselves were having another stab at cracking codenames : duet, as I don’t fancy getting my head around Watergate this evening.

Will watch more Patriot later.

Ooh you going to eat up there too? Still haven’t tried the tapas place which is meant to be great.

Wankered lads. Where’s the music

quiet one tonight, everyone’s in Dorking


Little 00s joke there


do you make the base dough balls and freeze them, right? do you have the sauce ready to go from frozen too? do you use a pizza stone or anything like that? thinking about trying this.

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Yep - when I was dry roasting all kinds of chillies for a oaxacan mole I basically hotboxed the kitchen with capsaicin. Was… intense.


Everytime I click on this thread it behaves for a second like it’s been deleted

“It is behaving like a tampon :smile:

This Stella tastes like shit because of my parosmia

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I did something similar to the dog a while ago and his response was to dash my beer across the table.

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sweating my balls off

might have to live in the shower

Curry, ordered :white_check_mark:


Watching Snake Eyes. That opening sequence is brilliant