Its payday and i feel ill. And my back hurts. And im generally miserable


What should i buy to cheer myself up?




Already got a hammer


Another copy of Celeste?




More wishes?


Smackdown: just bring it


serious suggestion: some nice food and drink. take yourself out for lunch!


£4,000 bookcase


I have like 5 books


Order in some weekday lunchtime takeaway, truly the sweetest vice


Im on lunch break now. Might order something on the bus… taxi home


i don’t think i have ever done this, i can’t even really imagine the scenes


I’ve done it a couple of times. Feels bloody great m9


Splatoon Switch Case


I really wish it was like a design that didnt look like a promotional poster :frowning:


When i get paid im taking myself out for a meal and a movie (Lebanese and love, simon). If u like solo cinema trips then this is always a good thing to cheer yourself up with


How about some nice bath salts?


Would seriously consider it but my back is pants!


Faulted! I only have a shower. But somethign thatd help with ye olde muscles sounds like an idea.