Its payday and i feel ill. And my back hurts. And im generally miserable


I think im going to order a take away :slight_smile:

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Can someone just say God of War and Yakuza 6 so i can blame someone for my purchase


God of War and Yakuza 6.

Mushroom log?


Get Fast and Furious 1 - 36 on DVD.

Or maybe book a spa day (serious answer)

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What an excellent idea! Take away amd games! Anyone got any muscle tips that i can pick up from a pharmacy. I got oxycodinal?!? Something like that i forget the name but im not keen on takimg opiates. So sometjing that can help sooth on top of the naproxen and paracetamol

Voltarol cream was pretty good when I have used it. The joy of movement.

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Cheers :slight_smile:

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It’s got nurofen in it or something so worth checking what pain killers you can take at the same time.

buy yourself a coffee and a donut afterwards please

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Just checked. Its not abaorbed by the blood stream so its fine to take with other NSAID pills


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Thanks. Tonight is going to cost like 110pounds now so thats enough suggestions.

Taxi home
God of War and Yakuza 6
Take away
The joy of movement gel
Diughnut and coffee

:grin: perked up already… though got 3 a d half hoirs left at work


Also, if you’ve got time watch some of your your favourite PPV in the taxi on the way home.

Im not watching wrestling in public

Taxis aren’t public (only if you have headphones, obviously - not through the phone speaker!)

Bah gawds to be heard by all or be heard by none

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How is your mum doing, yesiam?

Better. She was really bad over christmas and we were prepaeing for the worst but they chamged hwr cheemo and her cancer levels have dramatically dropped and she os more independent again. However shes losing feeling in her hands and feet so the cheemo may need tp be stopped. So we shall see. Went of family vacatiom with her to centre parcs last week which would deffo not have been possible 2 months ago

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