It's really coming down out there

Raining cats and dogs


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Typical! Bought a new plant for the balcony yesterday, if it comes down in this wind I’ll be doing my nut!!!


Aye had a real bad rainstorm about a ha’hour ago in Notts

This is no laughing matter, jordan

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London’s had it’s damp spasm, back to just being a bit blowy

I’m wearing shorts today. It was an error.

That’s always an error

Would you say you have been ‘caught short’

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Sometimes it is a hot day

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Same here but it’s still a little ‘close’

Those are also errors

It’s lashing it down

A sexy error

What’s the sexiest error?



That’s really weird as I was going to do a poll where “Missingno” was one of the options but I couldn’t think of any other options to put

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