It's retirement day!


Who’s next? Who’s old?

@zxcvbnm ? @saps ? @thewarn ?

I wish


Hopefully that Theresa May right guys?

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right, Ant!


Since when is 47 old?

Gerrard will have been retired for 11 years by then! Might be dead even!!!

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Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if when a footballer/sportsman retired they took up activities and hobbies more traditionally associated with people of non-sporting retirement age (65+). Like, imagine if Steven Gerrard now gets dead into gardening and attending restaurants at weird times for early-bird deals and starts getting up at 5am and going to bed at 1900 or whatever.

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Am I retired now? Can I go home?

He’s a month older than me.

You can go to a home.

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I’ve just liked you wishing Stevie G dead by 47.

Hey ho.

And don’t try and claim that’s not what you did. We can all read between the lines.

Going to U3A meetings.

I’m not entirely comfortable with the inconsistent way you’ve presented those times.


Benjamin Button’s retired?

sperm on a lounge chair

*Googles U3A meetings *

Haha! Yes, you’re right!

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Alright, I will!

marckee had already googled them just beforehand

I’m not entirely comfortable with your stinking fucking attitude mate